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Tesla Model 3 Trunk & Frunk Cargo Mats

The Model 3 delivers ample cargo space, with two distinct storage areas including a front trunk, sometimes called frunk, and also a spacious rear trunk. A good investment to keep the cargo areas clean is are trunk liners or cargo mats, they won’t only keep the factory mats clean but will make both trunks easier to clean.

There are several Model 3 Trunk & Frunk Cargo Mats available in the market, with varying materials, design, and coverage. Cargo Liners are compatible with all Model 3 models available, although Tesla changed from a smooth basin frunk to a beaded basin trunk in mid-2020, making existing frunk liners incompatible with this new design.

So, how do you decide which is the right trunk mat for your Tesla? In this article, we have listed some of the best trunk mats for Tesla Model 3. Keep reading to find out!

Cargo Liners for Model 3 Trunk and Frunk:

1. BASENOR Tesla Model 3 3D Cargo Liner Rear Trunk Mat


  • Manufacturer logo isn’t visible for a clean look
  • This mat is very durable and has a spot to grab the under-trunk hook, allowing easy access to the small compartment.
  • This mat is tested and does not split, break, or deform under extreme conditions. 
  • The material is also waterproof and stain-resistant and does not produce odor. 


  • The material is not very thick.
  • It is hard to slide out some stuff from deep inside the trunk because of its grippy surface.
  • The Velcro-like texture underneath the mat can be harsh and sometimes poke you, which can be annoying sometimes.

This rear trunk mat by BASENOR is top quality and fits the corners and edges of the rear trunk of the Model 3 perfectly. This mat can also handle all the cargo loading and unloading you can throw at it because of its thick and durable material.

It is light and very easy to clean, and due to the grippy surface, it stops the stuff on top from slipping about as much as well. This mat also has a velcro-like texture below, helping it fix itself in place.

If you are looking for a set of floor mats for your Model 3, the Basenor Cargo Liners are an excellent protective accessory for the trunk of your car.

2. SUPER LINER Tesla Model 3 Trunk Mat


  • It is scratch-resistant and has raised sides that protect your trunk from liquid spills and prevents any small, loose dirt from escaping it.
  •  This product has an anti-skid resistant surface that holds your belongings in place.
  • The mat offers a small section for the loop handle on the cover and a crease down the middle of the mat to help open the small compartment.
  • It also has good flexibility that allows for easy folding and is durable because of its low-density material.


  • Because of the raised lip, it does not fit under the seat really well. While moving the seat back, it hits the mat and crushes it.

The SUPER LINER Tesla Model 3 Mats come in a set of floor mats and rear trunk mats. It is custom fit for the original models of Tesla Model 3.

These Super Liner mats are easy to install and fit like a glove and look very premium. It is sturdy and dirt-resistant, and easy to clean by just spraying it with the hose and appying light soap.

This rear mat ships folded in half, which leaves a big crease down the middle. But that happens with most mats, and it’s not hard to get it back to its original shape. The SUPER LINER Tesla Model 3 Floor Mat is made of low-density material that makes it more elastic and durable.

It will flatten out after applying just a little heat. Or the weight of an object placed on it will do the job.

3. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Trunk Cargo Liner Floor Mat


  • It protects the trunk from mud, dirt, and stains.
  • This mat has curved up edges to prevent possible liquid spills from leaking onto your carpet.
  • It has a grippy surface so that things won’t be sliding around in the trunk.
  • This mat is very easy to clean.


  • It feels a little lightweight and has a carbon fiber finish, which could be a drawback for someone who is very strict about his preference. 
  • It also has a shiny logo printed on it (but can be easily removed).
  • Since this mat has a carpet like bottom, it sometimes slides on the front trunk’s smooth base.

The best thing about this floor mat is that you can still lift the bottom trunk part without having to remove this liner. Since you can fold the mat in half, you can easily lift and open the base area and access the trunk’s hidden compartment.

The mat is easy to clean, fits perfectly into your trunk, and doesn’t produce odor. It also looks good in the car.

When it comes to cleaning the mat, it holds its shape when you lift them out. So, all the dirt stays on it and doesn’t fall onto your carpet, making it a hassle-free cleaning process.

4. BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Cargo Mat All-Protection Heavy Duty Front Trunk Liner


  • It is a great all-weather mat and protects the trunk from spilled fluids, dirt, and rain. It is durable and easy to clean and made from eco-friendly rubber. 
  • The mat can handle extreme conditions and won’t split, break, or deform. 
  • It looks decent with no logo and has no odor.
  • Its waterproof and stain-resistant factor makes it more appealing for the buyers.


  • It only fits the front trunk of the older versions. 
  • Tesla started to redesign the front trunk of its Model 3 since August 2020, so this mat does not fit the front trunk of the new Tesla Model 3. 

This front trunk mat by BASENOR does a great job covering the trunk’s edges and perfectly fits into the Telsa Model 3. It is a good quality product, making it durable and also has a very nice look to it. This mat makes your front trunk look fresh and ready for storing.

This product is shipped folded in a box. However, it quickly reshapes back to its original form after a few hours out in the sun.

5. SUMK 3D Model 3 Cargo Liner Floor Mats


  • Semi-rigid waterproof material allows for easy washing with a water hose.
  • The 3D mats lock easily while installing and don’t move about while driving. The mat doesn’t only cover the floor’s bottom, but also along the side walls.
  • The chain grade pattern looks great. The high lip on the edges helps contain mud, water, sand, snow, etc., so you don’t get a single thing on the carpets.
  • They’re waterproof and don’t produce odors. 
  • It is tough and provides more durability and elasticity.


  • The main downside of this mat is that it gets a little slippery when wet. 

This floor mat comes in two pieces a set; for the front trunk and the rear trunk.

You can safely assume that it is a great floor mat as it has a sharp look, and most of all, it fits perfectly on the Tesla Model 3. 

The mat holds all the sand and dirt that flies into your car, making it easy for vacuuming or wiping out with a cloth.

This product also doesn’t produce that awful rubber smell, making it convenient for you and your family and friends sleeping inside the car while camping or making a long trip.

6. SUPER LINER Trunk Mats Rear cargo Tray Floor Mats


  • The wonderful thing about the mat is that it reflects upon your requirement to access the lower compartment, unlike many other mats.
  • A loop handle on the cover and a fold down the middle help access the small compartment.


  • They are hard molded mats, and so they bend in a few places.
  • They don’t have nubs on the bottom to keep them in place, making them shift around sometimes.

This item comes in three pieces; rear and front mat plus the storage mat.

These mats are made of bendable but stiff rubber with raised ends to prevent any liquid or small, gravel or loose dirt from escaping it. They fit into its space very well and have excellent coverage through the whole trunk.

The mats are made of great durable quality to protect the car and fits perfectly into the trunk. They are also easy to clean.

They have “Tesla 3” imprinted on them, which allows them to blend in nicely with the car.


smooth basin and beaded basin

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with trunk mats?

 Yes. The Tesla Model 3 comes with trunk mats, but they’re not very protective. We highly recommend that you buy another mat of better material and one that covers the edges perfectly. The mats that come with the trunk are just basic.

What is the cargo capacity of the Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 has 15 cubic feet of trunk space. The rear trunk has about 12.3 cubic feet of space, while the front trunk has 2.7 cubic feet of space. The front trunk is relatively small, but it still useful to store the extra items from the rear trunk.

Do these cargo mats cover the sub trunk/lower trunk?

No. Unfortunately, these cargo mats do not cover the sub trunk/lower trunk of the car. Only the SUPER LINER Trunk Mats cover the sub trunk/lower trunk.

What material are cargo liners made from?

The basic materials used for making cargo liners are XPE rubber, TPE material, heavy-duty silicone, etc. It varies from product to product. 

The specific materials used for making the cargo liners mentioned above are as follows:

  • The top surface of the BASENOR Tesla Cargo Liner Rear Trunk Mat is made of thermoplastic rubber, and its inner layer is made of XPE rubber.
  • The SUPER LINER Tesla Model 3 Mats are made of low-density plastic material. 
  • The 3D MAXpider All-Weather Cargo Liner Floor Mat is made of SGS certified thermoplastic rubber. 
  • The Front Trunk Liner Cargo Mat by BASENOR is made of PET rubber that’s eco-friendly.
  • The SUMK 3D Model 3 Cargo Liner Floor Mats are made of high-quality TPO environmental rubber.
  • The SUPER LINER Trunk Mats Rear cargo Tray Floor Mats are made of low-density plastic material.

Are the cargo mats slide proof?

Yes. All these cargo mats are slide proof and will hold and protect your stuff perfectly.

How should cargo liners be cleaned?

Cargo liners are very easy to clean. You can just spray the hose on them to remove the dust and other dainty things. For a thorough cleaning to remove some stains, you can easily take it out from the car and use mild detergent along with water.

Do these products have latex?

No. None of these products are made with latex.

Closing thoughts

Floor mats and liners play a crucial role in protecting the carpet in your car from tearing and getting worn-out. They also improve the interior look of your vehicle.

We have reviewed the best options in today’s market to help you choose the right product for your Tesla Model 3. So, choosing any of these products is already the correct choice!

The material, structure, and design of these mats give you the best protection your trunk needs. With these mats installed in your trunk, you can easily maintain its factory condition, which can provide you with more edge during the car’s resale in the future.

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