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Tesla Cable Organizer for Wall and Mobile Connector

Having Tesla’s mobile connector cord just resting on the garage floor isn’t a good idea in the long run. Without a Tesla cable organizer for the wall connector, the cable will wear out quickly due to being dragged around the floor continuously, and the charging plug will get scratched.

Not to mention a cable of such thickness on the floor is a potential safety hazard. If the charging cable is pulled hard enough it could also damage the charging plug or the receiver on the vehicle’s end.

A cable organized for the Tesla charger can help tidy up the garage, and always keep the charging cable in an accessible spot.

Best Tesla Cable Organizers – Top Picks

Tesla Charger Holder

BASENOR Tesla Cable Holder
  • No drilling required
  • Small and minimalistic design

Topfit Tesla Cable Organizer

topfit tesla cable organizer
  • Strong ABS plastic
  • Established manufacturer

BMZX Charging Cable Organizer

bmzx charging cable organizer for tesla
  • Rounded design
  • OEM-like design

Cable Organizers for Tesla Mobile Connector – Reviews

There are various products on the market to help us keep our Tesla charging spot neatly arranged. While all of these accessories offer the same functionality, it is good to have alternatives in terms of price and design.

First we’re going to mention the best conventional alternatives in terms of cable organization specifically for Tesla vehicles. Then we’ll suggest some additional accessories that provide extra functionality.

BASENOR Tesla Charger Holder & Cable Organizer


  • No drilling required for easy installation
  • Small and minimalistic design
  • Holds nozzle firmly


  • None

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Basenor’s Tesla Charger Holder & Cable Organizer uses a custom-designed system that lets you install the accessory in two ways: taping it to the wall with the pre-installed adhesive or securing it with screws and wall anchors.

The flexible installation method lets you quickly install the cable organized it with the included adhesive in just seconds. If you want a more firm installation, you can also attach it to the wall but you’ll need a drill to make holes with and it will take considerably more time.

Overall, we consider the Basenor Charging Cable Holder an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a way to tidy up your Tesla charging setup.

Topfit Tesla Cable Organizer


  • Design goes well with the Mobile Connector
  • Durable, strong material


  • “Topfit” logo is unnecessary

Topfit is a manufacturer of auto accessories that specializes in Teslas. Once again, they’ve managed to release a product superior to Tesla’s offering in many aspects.

In terms of design, it features a rounded design that matches well the styling of the charging nozzle.

The accessory can support the weight of the entire charging cable plus the charging head that plugs into the vehicle. It is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic and has a texture similar to the charging plug.

The cable organizer can be attached to drywall or to a concrete wall with the included anchors.

Here is what the product includes:

  • 1x Organizer: The main supporting piece
  • 2x Screws: To anchor it onto the wall
  • 1x Fastener

BMZX Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla


  • Made of strong ABS plastic
  • Solid warranty


  • Some users might the almost-horizontal nozzle angle unpractical

Another alternative as far as cable organizers go is the BMZX Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla.

Its styling is exceptionally similar to the previous accessory we mentioned. It is made with high-strength ABS plastic and features a texture and color very similar to the nozzle of the charging adapter.

In terms of functionality, it can support the whole charging cable rolled around. It also has an opening at the front where we can attach the nozzle in a way that resembles gas pump nozzle usage.

It features a very similar design to other 3rd-party cable organizers, but we liked the extended warranty period that this manufacturer offers.

Tesla Motors Cable Organizer


  • Materials and design matches perfectly with the charging plug
  • Holds the nozzle almost vertically, making it easy to grab
  • Made by Tesla Motors


  • Often out of stock
  • Doesn’t catch the plug 100% of the time
  • Lower review ratings

Tesla offers a charging organizer that provides the same functionality of the alternatives with a unique flat design.

Its design is flat and square, differentiating it from most 3rd-party alternatives which offer a more rounded design. In terms of aesthetics, it is the preferred option. Tesla knows design.

The texture and color of this adapter match exactly the OEM charger that comes with every vehicle. This is due to it being an accessory from the same manufacturer as the charging adapter, the materials used are identical.

We also liked how the nozzle is held almost vertically when inserted onto the accessory. This makes it easier to grab as it’s in an angle that resembles a gas station nozzle.

The downside of Tesla’s design is attaching the nozzle into the holder can take several attempts. Users report it doesn’t catch the plug all the time and the angle might take getting used to.

Tesla Cable Organizer Installation

All of the cable organizers mentioned previously are installed similarly. The instructions are as follows:

Drill two holes in the wall closest to the electricity source where the charging installation is located.

tesla cable organizer parts
Parts included in Topfit’s Tesla Cable Organizer

Insert the plastic cable anchors onto the wall holes and make sure they’re relatively snug and don’t come out of the wall easily.

Align the fastener piece with the holes you just drilled. Use the screws to secure the fastener in place. Don’t overtighten the screws as you can risk breaking the plastic fastener.

Make sure the screws are tight enough to hold the organizer in place securely. Try making pressure downwards with your hand and make sure the fastener feels stable and robust attached to the wall.

Slide the back of the organizer piece along the fastener you just installed and enjoy your new accessory!

Other Tesla Cable Organization Accessories

In addition to cable organization accessories specifically designed to organize our mobile connector, there are ways to get creative and bring our cable organization to the next level.

Hose Organizer & Holder Rack


  • Keeps your cable neatly organized
  • Perfect if the adapter is close to the vehicle


  • Set of two required
  • Not the most glamorous solution

An ingenious way to organize our cable would be with the help of a water hose organizer.

Electric vehicle charging cables have a thickness that is close to that of regular garden hoses. If you find the cord is long and you only use a small portion of it, we can keep the rest of it neatly organized.

Using a pair of the hose organizer racks previously mentioned we could achieve this:

As we can see, with a couple of these, our cord will never be laying around or even in contact with the ground.

3D Printed Mobile Charger Wall Holder for Tesla Mobile Adapter


  • Relieves pressure on your charging adapter
  • Elegant, simple design that matches the rest of your charging cable


  • Needs to be used along with a cable organizer

Another accessory that could come in handy is a mobile charger wall holder. It is designed specifically for the Tesla Mobile adapter, and it helps to reduce stress on our Tesla Charging Adapter.

It must be placed on the same wall where your Mobile Charger is located. After installation, the mobile organizer drops in and relieves pressure from the plug.

The Mobile Charger Wall Holder must be used along with cable organizer accessories as it merely holds the Tesla Mobile Adapter but doesn’t offer any way of keeping the rest of your charging cable in place.

J-Hook Cable Organizer


  • Inexpensive
  • Supports a lot of weight
  • Can be used to organize other kinds of cables


  • The orange color does not go well with the black charging cord

This might seem like a far-fetched cable organizer, but it does the same job as more expensive cable holders explicitly made for electric vehicle adapters.

It is a straightforward and inexpensive solution to Tesla cable organization. Not a glamorous one but it gets the job done if you’re looking for something that merely holds the cable onto the wall.

Even though it is a very elementary accessory, the installation process is virtually the same as the Tesla Cable Organizers previously mentioned. We recommend going for one of those unless you’re looking for a temporary solution.

More about Tesla Cable Organizers

Why use a cable organizer?

A cable organizer will help arrange your charging adapter and not have the charging accessories merely laying on the ground.

Where can I use a cable organizer?

Cable organizers are most commonly installed on the wall closest to where you charge your electric vehicle.

This is usually a garage wall, preferably the closest one to the electrical outlet we use to power our charging adapter.

We don’t want any cables to be left in the air or tension as this increases the risk of a person tripping with it and being injured. This could also cause damage to the cable.

Does it work for all Tesla models?

Yes. All Tesla vehicles use the same charging adapter and cable gauge. This means that any of the cable organizers mentioned here will work well with the charging accessories of any Tesla model.

What about other electric vehicles?

Even though other electric vehicles may not use the same charging accessories as Tesla vehicles, their charging adapters share two common elements: cable and charging head.

How can I install a cable organizer?

Cable organizers are installed to a wall. Preferably, we would drill the installation holes to the wall to firmly hold the organizer and the rest of the accessories we attach to it.

Double sided tape could also hold the organizer attached to a wall without drilling any holes. We recommend this only for temporary installations though. The cables needed to charge electric vehicles aren’t particularly thin and light and even strong tape could detach off the wall after a few days.

Can these cable organizers be used outdoors?

The cable organizer themselves can be virtually installed anywhere with a wall. Could be an outdoor wall close to a power outlet.

However, it is not recommended leaving any of the ends of the cable outdoor as this can risk the electrical ends of the cable getting wet.

Any ends of the cable getting wet could cause damage to the internal wiring or risk of injury for any person handling it. It’s not a good idea to let a high amperage charging accessory outdoors unless the installation is wholly protected from weather elements, like in Supercharger stations.


We all like having our garage organizer. Whether we like it or not, owning an electric vehicle will add a set of cables to our garage, so we need a way to keep it in order.

There are various ways of keeping our charging adapter cord in place. Traditional Tesla Cable Organizers mentioned in the first section are designed specifically for Teslas and it’s what most people are looking for.

We can get creative and make use of other accessories that can keep any kind of cable or hose in place. It all depends on our needs

Know of any other alternatives that help keep your garage neat and the floor free of cables? Let us know below!

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