best Tesla Model 3 Sunshade

Tesla Model 3 Sunshade for Windshield & Glass Roof

The Tesla Model 3 boasts a massive, breathtaking windshield. It’s fantastic for visibility and keeps the interior incredibly well illuminated.

Lots of sunlight coming in means increased interior temperature. In the summer, keeping the interior of the vehicle fresh can be a challenge, especially if in a sunny hot-weather climate.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Tesla Model 3 Sunshade alternatives to help keep the interior fresh and reduce the impact of sunlight on the interior surfaces of the car and skin.

Best Tesla Model 3 Sunshade – Top Picks

HeatShield Windshield Sunshade for Tesla Model 3

HeatShield Windshield Sunshade

  • Windshield Sunshade
Model 3 Glass Roof and Rear Window Sunshade

Glass Roof and Rear Window Sunshade

  • For middle and rear glass roof
Roof Sunshade for the Model 3

Model 3 Roof Sunshade

  • For middle glass roof piece

Model 3 Roof & Windshield Sunshades – Review

Getting in your car in the summer when it has been left outdoors can be excruciating. Even after the AC kicks in, it can take a while for the vehicle to cool down enough to be comfortable. 

In Model 3’s with the glass roof option, we can enjoy excellent visibility and a breathtaking see-through roof that gives the interior an enormous amount of daylight. However, glass roof models are continuously exposed to solar radiation and there is no way to stop light from coming in.

We can mitigate some of this with a sunshade mesh located directly on top of the front seats and a sunshade for when the car is left parked under the sun. Let’s take a look at some of the best Model 3 roof and windshield sunshades:

HeatShield Windshield Sunshade for Tesla Model 3


  • Established brand
  • Straightforward installation


  • Rolling it up inside the car can be difficult

HeatShield Sunshades are known for being made to the exact shape of every vehicle to fit perfectly. This Model 3 Windshield Sunshade is no exception to this. This product is a classic reflective shield placed on the windshield that acts as a mirror, reflecting away sunlight to keep the vehicle cool and the dashboard free from heat and sun radiation degradation.

To install, unroll across the upper section of the dashboard, bend the windshield cover behind the rearview mirror and flip the sun visors to keep the top part as close to the windshield as possible.

Considering the size of the Model 3 windshield, one would expect a traditional sunshade to have trouble covering the windshield, but HeatShield has done a fantastic job making this product a reliable sunshade that helps keep the interior cool.

We consider a windshield sunshade a must-have accessory for the Model 3 if you regularly park outdoors.

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Tesla Model 3 Glass roof and rear window sunshade


  • Blocks most of the infrared radiation coming from the sun


  • Rear window shade can reduce visibility

An accessory that provides shade to both the front seats and the rear seats is ideal if we’re looking to keep the vehicle as cool as possible and the skin protected while still receiving some sunlight.

This double set of glass roof mesh for the Model 3 will reduce up to 70% of the infrared radiation entering the cabin and heating it up. It also protects the skin, vital when driving for an extended period under the sun with the glass roof Model 3.

The downside is that the rear window mesh can reduce visibility, especially at night. However, the rear sunshade can be easily removed at night when it’s not needed.

WJM Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Great for owners who rarely use the back seats


  • It doesn’t cover the back window so the difference in temperature won’t be too noticeable.

If you’re looking for a glass roof sunshade that will only cover the middle section of the glass, look no further.

The WJM Sunroof sunshade is a compact mesh that will only cover the section of the glass roof directly on top of the driver and front passenger seat.

If your primary concern is keeping the front seats fresh and protect your skin while driving under the sun, look no further, this is the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Be advised that this accessory won’t provide any shade the backseat. It’s not ideal if you have kids, for example. Users who rarely use their back seats might find this accessory as a better alternative than other sunshade kits, which also include a cover for the back window.

SolarShade Tesla Model 3 Windshield Sunshade


  • Fits the Model 3 windshield perfectly
  • Includes elastic bands and bag for easy storage


  • The “SolarShade” logo is unnecessary.

The SolarShade windshield shade is another accessory specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3. Its reflective mirror-like surface will keep sunlight from entering through the windshield and reduce inside temperature significantly.

To install, remove the carrying straps, unfold, and place on top of the upper dashboard. Flip the sun visors to secure the windshield shade. To remove, flip the sun visors, remove the windshield shade, fold and tie.

This product comes with a storage bag and straps to stow away easily in seconds without getting out of the vehicle.

Our only complaint with the product is the “SolarShade” branding. It’s noticeable, and we feel its unnecessary on this sort of accessory.

Model 3 Sunshade for Glass Roof, Rear Window and side triangular window


  • Includes rear triangular window sunshades


  • Rear window shade could be secured better

A solid option for owners with the glass roof option in their vehicle is BMZX Model 3 Glass roof shade.

They offer a 2-pack of sunshades, one for the middle section of the glass and another one for the back. With this 3-in-1 set of glass roof shades, the whole roof will be covered.

They are custom made for the Model 3, ensuring that they fit onto the roof of the vehicle without any risk of them falling while driving.

You will still be able to enjoy the glass roof at the fullest as the shades are see-through and partially let light into the car.

Model 3 Windshield Sunshade with suction cups


  • The suction cups provide increased grip
  • Stays as close as possible to the windshield glass


  • Takes more time to remove

Another reliable alternative for a Model 3 windshield sunshade is this accessory, which incorporates suction cups as a way to stay secured to the windshield.

In contrast to more traditional windshield covers, this accessory stays attached to the inner windshield by using suction cups.

By using suction cups, the windshield shade stays as close to the glass as possible, letting as little light in as possible and easing installation. Bring the shade close to the glass, make light pressure on it so the suction cups stick to the glass.

Even though this accessory is easier and quicker to install, removing it is a bit more involved as the suction cups can be secured to the glass very firmly.

Other considerations when looking for a Model 3 Sunshade

Disadvantages of the Model 3 glass roof

This feature does have some downsides. On a sunny day, the vehicle’s interior temperature will increase due to sun rays being able to hit the entire vehicle’s cabin.

In contrast to other vehicles that offer a glass roof as an option, the Model 3 has no mechanism to block sunlight from entering the cabin. While it does block UV light and has a slight tint, it doesn’t block infrared radiation, which is the type of sun rays that heats the vehicle.

In contrast to windshield sunshades, a glass roof sunshade won’t obstruct forward visibility so it can be used even when driving.

How well does the Model 3 Glass Roof shade work?

A glass roof sunshade blocks two-thirds of the solar thermal load. While this doesn’t mean that your Model 3 will now be completely cool even on the hottest summer days, it makes a noticeable difference in terms of interior temperature.

Skin care

When looking for a Model 3 glass roof sunshade, most of us think about cooler interior temperatures to make the summer heat more bearable. It makes complete sense as the intense heat is a strong sensation.

More importantly than making the car cooler, a glass roof shade provides increased skin protection when driving for extended periods in the sun. Constant sunlight exposure can cause premature skin aging and, if severe enough, skin disease.  

If you’re driving for extended periods in the sun every day in a glass roof Model 3, investing in a sunshade is a purchase that will pay itself in the long term.

Some final thoughts

A windshield sunshade is an excellent investment when leaving your Tesla under the sun for extended periods. Summer temperatures can make the interior excruciatingly hot. Windshield covers can help keep your car cooler, especially considering how massive the Model 3’s windshield is.

Owners with the glass roof option can opt for the mesh sun shades. They’re installed in mere seconds and will reduce up to two-thirds of the infrared light that heats the vehicle and harms your skin in the long term

Our recommendation is to go with the HeatShield Windshield Cover along with the WJM Roof Sunshade. Combined, these accessories can make a significant difference in terms of cabin temperature. They will be very useful in a hot summer and your skin will thank you.

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