Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers, Pet & Back Kick Protectors

Seat covers are an essential accessory to help keep your Model 3’s interior in pristine shape. They protect the original upholstery against dust, grime, scratches, pet paws, and spills to some degree.

There are several alternatives in the market for Tesla Model 3 seat covers. We will take a look at conventional seat protectors as well as rear seat covers for pets. Kick mats can also help guard the back of the front seats from children’s shoes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best seat covers for the Model 3:

Seat Covers for the Tesla Model 3 – Top Picks

White Seat Covers for the Tesla Model 3

Model 3 White Seat Covers

Black Seat Covers Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Black Seat Covers

Tesla Model 3 Pet Cover for Rear Seat

Model 3 Rear Seat Pet Cover

Front and Back Seat Covers for the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers – White

White Seat Covers for the Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 Seat Covers Set by Bomeilai includes 11 pieces to cover as much of your vehicle’s interior upholstery as possible. It is made from high-quality, wear-resistant PU leather that will withstand continuous use and abuse.

They are also made with airbag functionality in mind. In case of an accident, the seat covers won’t alter the deployment of the airbags. The side airbags will rip through the fabric and no safety is compromised.

In total, the set includes 4 front seat covers, 5 back covers, and 2 back door side covers.

Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers – Black/White

Black Seat Covers Tesla Model 3

If you prefer darker tones, there are also variants of the seat covers offered in a black and white style, where black is predominant, and there’s hints of white on the sides and the lower part.

If plan white/beige is too sober for you, black and white upholstery adds a touch of personality while still keeping the interior in a solemn tone.

Black seat covers are also a good idea if your upholstery tends to get dusty and grimy quickly due to pets, kids, or lugging stuff around.

Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers – Black/Red

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover Black/Red

Another attractive color combination is black/red. This set is similar to the one above, black being the predominant color and the red accents adding it a distinctive touch.

While red might be a little bit too showy for some owners, it adds a sporty touch that might be appreciated by Model 3 Performance owners or just if you like this upholstery look, typical in many exotic cars.

Tesla Model 3 Waterproof Seat Cover

Model 3 Waterproof Sear Cover Protection

Ideal for runners, swimmers, and athletes in general, waterproof seat covers protect your upholstery from water or sweat you might have after exercising or going for a swim. They can also be useful in other situations that might cause you to get water in your seat, like when it is raining or snowing out.

A waterproof seat cover might not be the most aesthetically pleasing seat protection, but it helps to reduce the effect that long-term exposure to humidity might cause on your leather seats.

If you frequently go to the beach, pool, or tend to get in your car immediately after a gym session, this is a much more practical solution than covering your seat with towels.

Rear Seat Covers for the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Rear Back Kick Protectors

Back Kick protector for Kids

Toddlers and small children on the back of the car tend to place their shoes on the back area of the front seats and even repeatedly kick this area. This is problematic, especially if you want to keep your interior not only clean but scratch and scuff-free as well.

A set of back kick covers protects the back part of the front seats against muddy feet and scratches from shoes. The seat covers get dirty, but these can be cleaned easily without even removing them from the car. Wipe them with a clean wet cloth and a soft detergent.

There are various kick mats available for the Model 3, including full seat and door protectors.

BASENOR Model 3 Rear Seat Pet Cover

Tesla Model 3 Pet Cover for Rear Seat

The Basenor Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Pet Cover has been specially designed to fit the rear seat of the Model 3 and fully protect your backseat area when having pets that could shed or rip the leather and also when carrying objects that could damage or smudge your seats on the back, such as a bicycle.

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Even if your dog doesn’t shed, the backseat is prone to scratches and dog saliva. With a rear set pet cover, your backseat area is completely protected against scratches, stains, and spills of any sort.

To install: snap the four ends around the backrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Installation and removal are simple. The seat cover can be machine-washed if needed.

Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover Installation Guide

Do you need a professional?

Professional installation is not required but it is highly recommended. The seat cover is manufactured to fit very tight to the OEM upholstery to match the factory look of the vehicle as much as possible and to reduce play and movement.

An individual with no upholstery installation experience may struggle stretching the cover enough to wrap it around the seat. If you’re doing it yourself, you are going to need a few hours of free time and lots of patience.

Is the installation doable at home?

While not impossible, it can be an arduous process. We’d recommend having two adults, a few hours, and a lot of patience. Here is a video installation guide for a set similar to the ones recommended above:


Seat covers are crucial for keeping the original interior of the vehicle as pristine as possible. If you carry your pets around in your car, have small children, or tend to get in your Model 3 after a sweaty workout, we highly recommend investing in a set of seat covers.

For a standard seat cover, we recommend the Model 3 Car Seat Cover available in either white, black/white, and red. It grants the upholstery protection that most owners are looking for and can match your interior’s quite nicely, both in color and style.

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