tesla model s sound system upgrade

Tesla Model S Sound System Upgrade

The Tesla Model S comes equipped with a basic set of speakers that might be good enough for most owners. However, they lack the sound clarity, pitch accuracy, and bass enhancement that sound systems of other luxury sedans have.

If you’re a Model S owner looking for an improved, richer listening experience, the factory system can be replaced easily with an aftermarket system that is a direct replacement to the stock factory speakers. Here is everything you need to if you’re looking to upgrade the speakers on your Model S:

Tesla Model S Premium Sound System by Light Harmonic

Quick Overview

  • 2x 160mm-250 W full-range drivers with strong bass for the front doors and rear doors
  • No cutting or additional wiring required
  • High-End LMF drivers with rich audio clarity and extremely low distortion.
  • Compatible with all variants of the Model S

The Tesla Model S Premium Sound System upgrade by Light Harmonic features four 160mm drivers with an impedance of 1.2 Ω and 400W of Peak Power Handling (rms). LMF Driver Magnet Technology incorporates various high-strength magnets to guarantee as little distortion as possible. The Da Vinci DAC helps achieve a vibrant sound and reproduces music details lost on regular audio systems.

These are a significant upgrade from the factory speaker system that seems at times inadequate and unsatisfactory for such an advanced vehicle. We expect Tesla to overhaul the audio system on the new Model S as the smaller Model 3 features an audio system considered superior by many.

Installation is effortless. These speakers are direct bolt-on replacements with no need for additional wiring, cutting, or opening holes. They have virtually the same size as the factory speakers the wires, the holes are aligned to the factory holes on the door, and they use the same type of connectors as the factory speakers.

Removing a few door panels may be needed to remove the old sound system with ease, but it can be done easily in your garage at home. Professional installation is not required. You do need to be careful while removing the panels and while installing the speakers.

Light Harmonic is an established brand that focuses on high-performance audio for all kinds of applications, including automobiles. The company was the first to offer 10GB bandwidth cables and 32-bit audio for resembling analog audio fidelity as close as possible.

Specifications (front and rear speakers):

  • Diameter: 160mm
  • Depth: 80mm
  • Rated Impedance: 1.2 Ω
  • Continuous Power Handling: 250W
  • Peak Power Handling: 400W
  • Sensitivity (1W, 1m): 92.5dB
  • Frequency Response 3dB: 45Hz-12kHZ

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Sound system upgrade installation

All Tesla Model S vehicles feature four main speakers that output the vast majority of the sound heard in the cabin. There a few more additional speakers that aid with high-frequency sounds located both further to the front and the back of the four main speakers.

To upgrade the four main drivers of the Model S, remove the section of the door panel covering the speakers, remove the old speaker and reinstall the new speakers in the same place as the factory ones.

Factors to consider when upgrading the Model S speakers:

Model S speaker

When upgrading the sound system of a Model S, we need to take into account a few more factors that are important to have in mind when dealing with the sound system on an electric car.

High SNR (Signal-to-noise) ratio

In an electric car as silent as the Model S, having as little as static noise coming from the speakers is essential. Every bit of unwanted noise coming from the speakers is noticeable compared to a regular gasoline car with an engine always running and drowning out light static noise.

A high signal-to-noise ratio means that the amount of accurate sound coming from the speakers is much higher than the amount of noise. A sound system with high SNR will produce very little unwanted static noise.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike gasoline-powered cars with an alternator, the sound system in a Tesla will draw energy directly from the battery that also powers the electric motors and all accessories in the vehicle. You want every accessory in the car to be as power-efficient as possible to minimize range losses from additional power draw.

Fortunately, the Tesla Model S Premium Sound System upgrade won’t draw significantly more power than the Sound System that the car came with from the factory. Any increased power draw will be from you wanting to turn up the volume higher to enjoy the much-improved sound.

Final verdict

Upgrading the Sound System of the Model S is an excellent investment if you’re an audiophile or want to get the best audio possible out of your speakers and improve your driving experience. Fortunately, in the Model S, this is a straightforward enhancement.

The Premium Sound System Upgrade for Tesla Model S by Light Harmonic is a substantial upgrade over the factory speakers and will provide a noticeable sound quality improvement. They are a direct replacement with no panel cutting or additional wiring needed, making them easy to install in your own garage.

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