tesla model s dog barrier

Tesla Model S Dog Barrier & Pet Guard

Taking your dog out for fresh air is satisfying. You are happy, your pet is happy, and it’s a great time. A dog barrier for the Tesla Model S can let you comfortably transport your pet in the trunk while knowing that they won’t be able to climb up and onto the back seat. The Model S doesn’t come with any barrier preventing this from happening. An easy solution is to raise the center headrest, but dogs might still force their way back.

If you have a bigger, fluffier dog with lots of hair or sharp paws transportation can be a bit of a hassle. Their paws might rip the leather or damage the upholstery of the second row.

The best solution is a dividing barrier that keeps everyone in the car safe by ensuring your pet can’t climb out of the trunk and onto the seats. We’ll take a look at a pet guard for the Model S that does precisely that:

Dog/Pet Guard for Tesla Model S

Travall Guard Dog Guard for Tesla Model S

Quick Overview

  • Keeps your dog, luggage and any objects being carried in the trunk secured behind the seats
  • Excellent fit due to vehicle-specific design for the Model S
  • No modifications required, can be installed in 15 minutes
  • Held securely with rubber protectors for rattle-free driving

A trunk guard with a horizontal cross-hatch design, this pet barrier is explicitly designed for the Model S. It the area right behind the second-row headrests while still allowing for good visibility and airflow. You’ll be able to

It offers a rattle-free fit that most universal guards can’t provide due to the extensive use of rubber dampers on every point of contact that could cause noise due to vibration.

travall guard dog pet barrier

Made using steel to ensure protection and durability, the guard comes with a fitting kit and a handy guide for installation. It doesn’t require any form of vehicle modification and takes just 15 minutes to put in place. It’s also simple to remove at any point.

Overall, this is one of the best accessories for the Tesla Model S if you own a medium or large-sized dog and need an excellent way to reliably transport pets safely without hassle.


  • 2012-2021 Tesla Model S without third row rear-facing seats.

Quilted Cargo Cover for Dogs & Pets

Quick Overview

  • Quilted cargo cover for trunk area, designed for pets of any sort
  • It can also be used as a cargo cover and organizer
  • Keeps your trunk area clean and free of pet hair and fur
  • Protects the original upholstery from paws
  • Great fit on the Tesla Model S

If you want to ensure your pet feels comfortable in the trunk of your Model S, this cargo cover is an ideal complement to Travall’s guard. While the guard prevents your pet from climbing out of the trunk, this cover ensures the trunk stays clean.

The pet cargo cover protects the original upholstery and features a flap that you can extend to protect the car’s paint and bumper when your dog is getting in and out.

The liner covers the entire base of your trunk, in addition to having flaps to protect the sidewalls and bumper. It’s made using a heavy denier polyester that incorporates vinyl for added water resistance. The hook and loop fittings also ensure a snug fit and easy removal.

This is a must-have accessory in conjunction with the above Model S pet barrier.

How to Install a Trunk Dog Barrier in the Model S

No extra tools are required for this barrier, as everything you need comes with the package. It’s also fitted perfectly to the Model S, which means you don’t have to make any adjustments to your vehicle. The installation should take around 15 minutes:

1. Attach the supports

Use the screws provided to secure the guard’s supports. Each support requires two screws, which slot into the base of the guard. Once inserted, use the supplied bolts to hold the screws in place. You receive an Allen key and a small wrench to help with this.

2. Fit the guard

Open the Model S’s trunk and remove the rear shelf. Lower the back seats and you should find that you can slot the barrier into place easily.

Raise the back seats again and place the rear shelf back in place.

3. Bring the dogs in

The moment you were waiting for. Bring your pet and let him or her be accustomed to this new space. Let the dog get accustomed to the trunk area before driving off. The last thing you want is a panicking animal trapped in the back of your car.

How to fit two dogs in the back of a Tesla Model S:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of having a trunk dog guard?

Ensuring your pet isn’t able to climb out of the trunk and into the vehicle is the main benefit. Without a trunk barrier, tall dogs may try and get onto the backseat and then onto the front seats, creating a potentially unsafe driving situation.

However, these guards are also helpful for transporting any form of cargo, especially pieces that might fit through the gap between the car’s roof and the top of the rear headrests.

2. Is transporting a pet in a car safe?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have seatbelts for dogs in our cars. A pet barrier is the best option as it is relatively safe and keeps your animal contained in a single area of the car.

Always be cautious and drive carefully when transporting any pets. Be aware that any sudden turn, braking, or acceleration will be strongly felt by any unsecured pets. Just imagine there’s someone standing on the floor of the car. Don’t even attempt to use ludicrous mode.

3. Can a dog crate fit in the Model S?

The Tesla Model S trunk can fit crates up to 20″ of height and 30″ of width. Any bigger than that and you could have trouble accommodating it. Transporting a small dog in a crate might be a good idea, but it limits their freedom of movement.

Medium and large crates won’t fit into the trunk, which makes a dog guard the best solution.