Tesla Model S Accessories & Aftermarket Upgrades

Any Tesla Model S owner will quickly realize that it is not your typical luxury car. It is, in fact, one of the most ingenious and innovative cars on the road today. There are certain accessories that one can get to increase its appeal as well as take advantage of the utility that these accessories provide.

In this article, we review the best Tesla Model S accessories to help you take your ownership experience to the next level. Bear in mind that these are not “must-haves” and one can simply ignore them if one chooses. However, we would highly recommend you check out these and assess for yourself whether they would make a great addition to your Model S.

Top Accessories for the Tesla Model S

Wireless Charging Mat for Model S

TapTes Qi Wireless Charging Mat

3D MAXpider floor mats for Tesla Model S

3D MAXpider Floor Mats for Tesla Model S

Center Console Drawer Box for Tesla Model S

Center Console Drawer Box for Tesla Model S

Interior Accessories for the Model S

TapTes Qi Wireless Charging Mat

Wireless Charging Mat for Model S

Wireless Charger

This Wireless Charger Accessory for Tesla Model S allows faster charging for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The charger will detect the phone as soon as it is placed on it and begin charging immediately. The in-built LED indicator will show how much the phone is charged and will turn off automatically when it is charged completely.

Cup Holder

It is very easy to install and cleaning it is a breeze as well. The accessory allows you to put two cups, bottles, or cans of 2.8 inches in diameter easily in the holder though putting open cup glasses in the holder is not recommended.

USB Port

The USB interface allows users to play music or charge via the USB port. Tesla Model S owners won’t have to worry about scratches or slippage since the material is quite premium and keeps the charging pad free of scratches.

Overall, the TapTes Qi Wireless Charger is a great addition to your Tesla and our top Model S Accessory recommendation, especially if you own a Qi Wireless enabled smartphone.

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3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model S

3D MAXpider floor mats for Tesla Model S

An all-weather floor mat is one of the best accessories that you can get for your car, especially if you have a Tesla Model S. These are designed to ensure that the interior of your car is always protected and delivers a comfortable and safe ride.

Exact Fitting

As long as you select your car model right, you will have no problem with it fitting in your vehicle. The bottom layer ensures that the mat stays in place without doing any harm to the original carpet or leaving any marks. The product is measured to fit into cabin contours and has raised edges, which ensure that customers get full coverage and maximum protection for the vehicle interiors.

Construct and Design

The top layer of the thermoplastic rubber is made out of carbon fiber which complements the style of your vehicle. The inner layers have foam, which also minimizes any foot fatigue that might happen otherwise. Furthermore, it provides a sound barrier that lets you travel peacefully and have a quiet ride. You won’t have to worry about its environmental impact since it is non-toxic and doesn’t have any odor.

Model S Center Console Drawer Box

Center Console Drawer Box for Tesla Model S

As a Tesla Model S owner, if you’re searching for a space-saving accessory where you can store your valuables and other objects, then this car center console drawer is the product for you. Furthermore, this product comes with a one-year warranty and can be replaced if any manufacturing defects are detected.

Build and quality

The wooden box is quite durable and its outer layer has a leather covering which is soft to the touch. The handle is made of stainless steel which gives it a premium feel. The whole product is quite environmentally friendly.

Usage and Installation

This special drawer can be used to store various items such as glasses, mobile devices, wallets, and many other small items to ensure that the space outside remains relatively clutter-free. There is no installation service required nor are there any special tools required for the same. Simply put it in the space available and that’s it.

Topfit Model S Center Console Insert

Topfit Model S Center Console Insert

Users who require a simple center console storage can take full advantage of this product. It is one of the accessories that have the most day-to-day utility and you’ll never regret the purchase.

The holder can be used to place and secure a variety of objects. These include phones, cups, glasses, passengers’ litter, cans, etc. It is fairly easy to clean and makes for quite a simple and practical accessory. There is no installation service necessary. Simply place it in the car and use it as and when required.

Materials & Construction

It is made of silicone though it remains completely environmentally friendly. Its black color ensures that it completely complements the interior of your car and doesn’t feel like an eyesore. It is fully compatible with Tesla Model S and is an upgrade to the previous center console storage box by the same company.

AutoHeatshield Sunshade for Tesla Model S

Sunshade for Tesla Model S

If you drive your Tesla Model S in a warm climate then it can really drive up the interior temperature of the car. To ensure that the insides of the car are shaded from too much sun, we recommend this Sun Shade.

The sun-shade is of a high quality that allows you to maintain the interior temperature of the car. This ensures that your vehicle stays cool and you do not burn your hands on the steering wheel. Furthermore, its insulating material is much better than any other product’s available in the market.

Easy to Install and Store

The sun-shade is very convenient and has a compact design that can be folded up easily and requires minimal space for storage. Its Velcro strap ensures that it remains folded when stored. It is also fairly easily installed in less than five seconds thanks to its secure fit configuration.

Exterior Model S Accessories

BASENOR Tesla Model S Mud Flaps Splash Guards

Tesla Model S Mud Flaps

Those who encounter a lot of debris, snow, sand, and rocks, and are worried about damaging the lower portion of their Tesla Model S thus are recommended these mud flaps. They have been designed to fit Model S specifically.

Installation Process

These are very easy to install in the original hole position since they are custom-cut for this Tesla model and easily protect the car from the damage caused by the elements and keeps it clean.

Materials and Durability

The material of these mud flaps is ABS thermoplastic which is quite strong and durable and can work for many years. They work well in harsh environments as well, giving your car all-round protection throughout the year regardless of the terrain.

Model S Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip Spoiler

Model S Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip Spoiler

A trunk lip spoiler can give the Model S a sporty look resembling the higher-performance models of the same car. It’s a subtle spoiler but it will be noticeable due to the carbon fiber texture and the streamlined long profile along the trunk door. The GearLiv Spoiler for the Tesla Model S is made from real carbon fiber and fits all Tesla Model S variants.


This product includes double-sided 3M tape to make installation as simple as possible. To install, clean both surfaces thoroughly before installation. Apply the tape to the spoiler and align with the trunk. Apply constant pressure for a few minutes if satisfied with the location of the spoiler.

Model S Interior Upgrades

Tesla Model S Premium Sound System Upgrade

Model S Premium Sound System Upgrade

When looking for Tesla Model S Accessories we rarely think of improving some of the factory features of the vehicle. If you listen to music often in your Model S a sound system upgrade can make a massive difference in your listening experience.

The Light Harmonic Premium Sound System Upgrade for the Model S features four 160mm full-range speakers with bass enhancement and 400W peak power handling. This is a great improvement over the factory stereo and the sound improvement will be immediately noticeable as soon as you turn on the radio.


Installing the set of speakers is DIY-friendly. There is no cutting necessary and you won’t need to run additional wires or run additional power to them. They are direct bolt-on replacements and align perfectly with the holes for the factory speakers.

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Topfit Non-Slip Performance Pedal Pads for Model S

Topfit Non-Slip Performance Pedal Pads

Performance foot pedals can give your Tesla Model S a more sporty look that resembles the look of the performance version of the new Model 3.

In addition to the increased visual appeal, the non-slip material used in this set increases grip for enhanced safety in rainy or snowy climates where your shoes could be slippery when getting into your vehicle.

Usage and Installation

The use of these pedal covers will allow you to increase the surface area of the original foot pedal while further enhancing its looks. They are very easily installed and do not require any drilling or welding.

Increased safety

The design of these pedal covers makes them an invaluable addition to your car. They have a non-slip design, which increases friction and makes it safe for driving. These are custom-designed for Tesla Model S so there won’t be a fitting issue.

Door Sill Carbon Fiber Anti-Scratch Guard

Door Sill Carbon Fiber Anti-Scratch Guard

Last but not least, every Tesla Model S owner needs to take extra care of the interior design of the car and ensure that its luxurious and premium feel is maintained over the years. To that end, we recommend this car door sill protection cover that can allow you to have both the protection as well as the luxurious look that every Tesla Model S deserves.

Construction and Design

The set comes with two pieces and has a carbon fiber and polyurethane construction. It protects the front door sill from scratches and balances the dynamics of the car’s interior design. It is built to fit only Tesla Model S and does not fit other similar models such as Model X or Model 3. This is because much of its stylish elegance comes from what is printed on the cover.

Installation and Service

The installation is completely fool-proof and can be done by taking off the back cover and exposing the adhesive. Stick it on the front door sill and that is it. All the stickers are of high-quality and come with a 3 months warranty. If they are stuck properly, you will find no trouble with them. These can stay on for many years and protect the door sill.

Other Tesla Model S Accessories

Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla

Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla

If you’re looking for an accessory that can keep your space organized as well as protect your Tesla charger from getting damaged, then this product will work wonders for you. It is a very simple addition but one that can completely overhaul your garage’s outlook.

Easy Usage

All that you need to do is to insert the charging nozzle in and coil up the cables to hang on the holder itself. This allows you to store and hold not only your charging cables but other electrical cables as well.

The charging interface can be completely protected from water and dust. The wall-mount holder also allows you to ensure that the charging plug is clean and the risk of tripping is reduced.

Build Quality

The plastic is heavy-duty and very easy to clean. One can easily use this organizer for many years and will ensure that all your wires stay off the ground. This way one ensures that the wires do not get tangled which helps to extend the life of your Tesla Charger.

Tesla Model S Premium Aluminum Key Fob

Tesla Model S Premium Aluminum Key Fob

For those who need a key case will benefit greatly from this product. It is the ideal accessory for your Tesla Model S keyfob that is scratch resistant and helps keep it free of dents, scratches and other marks that could occur in the day-to-day.

Perfect Fit

The case is made of aluminum with a matte finish and is designed to fit the original Model S keyfob. It also fits well with key fob and keeps the keys from colliding with each other in daily use. Furthermore, the signal of the key is not hampered in any way by the case.


The cover is quite durable and does not fade easily. It has amazing friction which ensures that it won’t fall off completely even if you swing it around and it is not completely covering the key. The packing of the case is also quite eye-catching, which makes it look very elegant.

Final thoughts

These are the top Tesla Model S Accessories that can make your vehicle more pleasant to use or better adjusted to your needs.

Some of them are designed to upgrade the aesthetics, while others have some genuine utility that can really come in handy. When buying these products, do take into account the warranty that the product comes with. Most importantly, check that the specific product fits your Model S variant and year.

We hope that this article has helped you in figuring out which of these would benefit your car the most. Do you know of any accessory we may have missed? Let us know below!

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