tesla model y glass roof sunshade

Best Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade in 2021

A good Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade is what you need if you’re tired of dealing with the sun causing issues while driving. There are also times when you want a little extra privacy or you want to keep the car cool. The default setup for the Model Y doesn’t allow that to the extent that you might like, which makes a sunshade the ideal solution.

The challenge is that there are several sunshades for the Model Y on the market. You need to know which one can provide the required protection while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your car.

We’re going to examine four sunshades for the Model Y. Additionally, we’ll look at how to install them and answer some of your biggest questions about sunshades.

Roof Sunshades for Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

Quick Overview

  • Made for the panoramic roof of the Model Y
  • High-quality polyester fiber mesh cloth and foldable steel for a long-lasting build
  • Includes bag to store it when not in use
  • Eight clips ensure firm installation and quick removal

With a custom design crafted to suit the model Y, this sunshade is an excellent solution for those who have the 2020 and 2021 variants of the Model Y. It’s made using a polyester fiber mesh, which does an excellent job of trapping sunlight and preventing heat from entering the car.

The sunshade has a foldable steel lining, which adds to its strength while also making the product flexible enough to fold up for storage. The manufacturers have clearly thought about storage concerns too, as you receive a handy bag for the sunshade as part of your purchase. Installation is also simple, requiring no modifications to your Model Y.

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Topfit Tesla Model Y Sunshade for Glass Roof

Quick Overview

  • Partly blocks light from entering the car directly, and helps keep the interior cool and your skin protected
  • Foldable steel makes it easy to fold when needed
  • Storage bag included
  • Reduces interior temperature significantly

Made using a thin mesh, this sunshade allows just enough light into your car for it to feel natural. Of course, it also ensures that the car doesn’t become too bright when the sun is really shining.

The sunshade has been designed specifically for the original version of the Model Y, which may mean that it won’t fit perfectly for later models. It also collapses down into a self-contained package for easy storage.

Roof Sunshade Compatible with Tesla Model 2020 2021

Quick Overview

  • Protects your skin and the interior of the vehicle from continuous sun exposure
  • Made with high quality fabric mesh and flexible steel wire
  • Includes eight clips to aid the installation process
  • Zippered storage pouch for storage

Made to fit the 2020 and 2021 versions of the Model Y, this sunshade features a steel wire frame for durability and easy folding. The main shade is made using a fine mesh, which protects your car’s interior while allowing enough light through to ensure visibility.

Along with the sunshade and eight clips, you receive a zippered storage bag that protects the sunshade when it isn’t in use.

Tesla Model Y Double-Layer Roof Sunshade with Suction Cups

Quick Overview

  • Environmentally-friendly fiber polyester material
  • Two glass suction cups to reduce any possible sagging
  • Ten clips to ensure the sunshade stays firmly put at all times
  • According to the manufacturer, heat transmission is reduced up to 92%

The reduction of heat transmission is the highlight for this sunshade, with RCCT’s experimental data showing a decrease of 92%. Of course, the shade itself also does an excellent job of maintaining a comfortable level of interior lighting.

This product differs from the others because it comes with a dedicated heat insulation cover that sits above the fiber polyester mesh. You also receive a pair of suction cups alongside the clips, allowing for added security upon installation.

Model Y sunshade installation process:

All of these products offer easy installation using a clip-based design. This means you won’t need to make any modifications to your Model Y. You can simply pop the sunshade into place and then easily remove it when you’re not using it.

Follow these steps to install your sunshade.

1. Adjust the Direction

Compare the sunshade’s shape to the contours of your Model Y’s sunroof to ensure you’re installing it correctly. Some, such as Topfit’s sunshade, have indicators to show you which way around the shade must go.

2. Clip in place

Place the sunshade over your sunroof. You should find that it fits perfectly, with no gaps. From here, you will use the clips provided with your shade to secure it in place.

Take a clip and hold it so the hook mouth faces down towards you. From there, slide the clip over the edge of the sunshade, so the edge slips into the clip’s hook. Apply light pressure to ensure the edge fully slots into the hook.

With the edge secured, lightly push the tail of the clip into the gap between the sunshade’s edge and the sunroof’s glass.

Repeat for all clips included with your product, ensuring to space them out evenly. Most sunshades come with eight clips, though some offer more. Some sunshades also come with suction cups, which provide added security.

3. Flatten the Sunshade

With all of the clips secured, use your hands to flatten the sunshade against the glass. Again, light pressure is the key here. If you push too hard, the clips holding the sunshade in place may rub against the glass roof.

4. Storing the sunshade

When you’re ready to pack the sunshade away, remove all of the clips and it will come down from the roof. You should then be able to fold the sunshade to fit it into its provided storage bag.

Don’t force this process. Your sunshade’s lining will fold naturally as long as you’re applying pressure in the correct directions. Spend some time applying pressure to find the in-built folds and allow the sunshade to guide you.

Advantages of Having a Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

Lowered cabin temperature

Protection from both heat and ultraviolet (UV) light are the key advantages of a sunshade. A good shade will reduce both the visible and infrared light that enters the car’s cabin. This lowers the Model Y’s internal temperature, allowing for a more comfortable experience when driving in hot weather.

Skin protection

These sun shades also offer UV protection. Consistent exposure to UV can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and other signs of sun damage on your skin. If left unchecked, this exposure can even lead to skin cancer. A good sunshade lowers your UV exposure, meaning your skin is protected when you drive.

Improved Privacy

Finally, a sunshade darkens the interior of your car. This enhances privacy levels and is an excellent solution for obscuring your car’s interior when you’re parked. Combing the sunshade with tinted windows and nobody will be able to see inside your Model Y.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Protective Is the Model Y Glass Roof?

The Model Y’s panoramic glass roof does offer inbuilt protection against harmful sun radiation. This includes some UV and infrared protection. However, Tesla hasn’t provided exact details about how much protection is on offer. Furthermore, the glass roof does increase the car’s interior temperature, even with these protections in place.

Is the Panoramic Glass Roof Safe?

Tesla Model Y panoramic roof

Many potential Model Y owners have valid concerns about the safety of a glass roof. For example, some may worry that a rock falling onto the glass could lead it to shatter and harm the people inside the car.

However, the roof is safe as it’s built using a laminated material to protect against such occurrences. It is also shatterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about the glass injuring the vehicle’s occupants if something does break it.

Glass Roof Sunshade vs. Glass Roof Tint

The key difference here is the permanence of the solution.

If you choose to tint the window, you achieve similar effects to using a sunshade. However, the process is irreversible, which means you’re stuck with the tint in situations where you may not want it.

With a sunshade, you gain enhanced protection against harmful rays, cool the car’s interior, and, importantly, you can remove the sunshade at any point.