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Tesla Model S Wiper Blades Replacement Guide

Wiper blades help keep rain, snow, ice, and road debris off the windshield. This allows the driver to have good visibility of the road and keep the vehicle on the road.

Although the Tesla autopilot can greatly help in adverse weather conditions, old wiper blades become ineffective and noisy and can put you and your passengers in danger due to their inability to clear off the windshield.

Replacing the wiper blades in the Tesla Model S is a simple process that can be done in the comfort of your own driveway or garage in just a few minutes.

Tesla Model S Wiper Blades – Top Picks

Tesla Model S Wiper Blades replacement

Tesla Model S Wiper Blade Replacement

Front windshield wiper blades for model s

Wiper Blades for Model S

tesla model s windshield wiper blades replacement

WJM Model S Wipers

Most wiper blades are made with a thin and flexible rubber or silicone-based compound that wears out over time. You should frequently inspect and replace them when they become less effective.

Here are our top Tesla Model S replacement wiper blades picks:

Replacement Wiper Blades for Tesla Model S

BASENOR Tesla Model S Wiper Blade Replacement


  • Made of silicone for strength and durability 
  • Great fit for Tesla Model S
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Smooth and noiseless operation


  • Does not work for other Tesla Models

This custom cut wiper blade is exclusively for the Tesla Model S and is compatible with all model years of the vehicle.

The material of the wiper blade is silicone, this makes the wiper blades more durable than other rubber-based wipers. A special coating element on the blades help reduce noise and keep the wipers operating smoothly.

In terms of design and fit, the Basenor wiper blades are a great fit for the Tesla Model S. This is not a surprise as these wipers blades are made with the windshield of Model S in mind.

Front Windshield Wiper Blades for Tesla Model S


  • Durable rubber material
  • Excellent fit for the Tesla Model S
  • Great design components 


  • Not suitable for the newer Tesla Model S versions. 

Our second pick of a wiper blade is also a great pick for Tesla Model S. It consists of synthetic rubber squeegee, which is made to withstand harsh elements. So whether you use it in snowy conditions, or extreme heat it will not let you down.

These wipers are of great quality and come with all the necessary features. The AAA-grade soft rubber adds flexibility and durability. In addition, the soft rubber is also what keeps the wiper’s noise minimal while in operation. The rain reflector in the design decreases the load on the wiper’s motor due to a reduction in air resistance.

Installation of the wiper blades is also straightforward and the fit on a Tesla Model S is exceptional. However, this wiper blade is specific to Tesla Model S of 2012 to 2018, so you need to check the compatibility before you purchase it. 

WJM Tesla Model S Windshield Wiper Blades.


  • The aerodynamic design adds stability and reduces drag. 
  • Premium quality materials 
  • Noiseless operation 
  • Custom cut for Tesla Model S


  • Not very affordable

This is another wiper blade designed with Tesla Model S in mind. The blades are fantastic in quality. The shell consists of PEET elastomer material that can withstand extreme temperatures on both ends. So the wipers blades are great in terms of longevity. Moreover, the fit of the blades on the Model S is a perfect fit. 

The blades also consist of premium rubber. It is soft yet reliable, which makes it a great choice for a hardworking component such as a wiper blade. The blades also constitute some steel components in the construction. 

In addition, this wiper blade has an aerodynamic design. This keeps the motion of the extremely stable and reduces drag. So whether you are driving in the rain or snow, this wiper blades will keep your windshield absolutely clear. A combination of design and premium rubber also makes the wiper blades almost noiseless while in operation. 

Installing the wiper blades on your Tesla Model S is as easy as any other wiper blade installation. 

Model S Wiper Blades


  • Genuine replacement part
  • Comes straight from the brand
  • Exceptional quality and design 
  • Installation is straightforward


  • Not easily available 
  • Price in on the higher side 

This replacement wiper blade for Model S comes straight from Tesla. So the wiper blades quality is excellent and genuine. In addition, the fitment of the wiper blades is also fantastic. 

Installing a genuine replacement wiper blade in your Tesla Model S is recommended by the company. Using a substandard, aka, generic wiper blade on a Tesla damages the wiper system, the rain sensors, and the windshield. 

The only downside to this wiper blade is that it is not easy to get your hands on one. Since it is a genuine replacement part, it is high in demand. Moreover, the shipping time also requires a considerable time that can be a drawback if you are in urgent need of the replacement blades. 

Installing the wiper blade is a breeze thanks in part to the instruction manual. 

Bosch Clear Advantage 18CA Wiper.


  • Exceptional quality 
  • Aerodynamic design for stability and equal pressure 
  • Made from premium quality materials 
  • Less friction and noise 


  • Pricey 
  • The fit may not be precise as this is a generic replacement part.

Bosch needs no introduction in the automobile realm. The brand is well established, and the products are outstanding. And these wiper blades are no exception. The rubber component of this wiper is natural rubber. So this helps with performance as well as longevity. However, this wiper blade is by no means cheap although you get a trade-off with exceptional quality. 

In addition, the edges of the blades are graphite treated which keeps the friction minimal. This feature also keeps the wiper operation quite low in noise, which is great. The aerodynamic design keeps the airflow constant that creates a downforce pressure. 

To put it simply, this design keeps the blade from lifting off and also maintain uniform pressure. The uniform pressure also comes from the precision-tensioned steel spring incorporated into the blade design. 

If you’re concerned about the installation, it is easy. Moreover, this wiper blade also comes with pre-mounted multi-adapter, so it facilitates the installation process even further. 

How to replace the Tesla Model S Wiper Blades

Replacing the wiper blades on a Tesla Model S is straightforward. To make it even more effortless, you can refer to the following steps.

Note: Shift the car into Park mode and turn off the wipers first before you proceed with the installation.

  1. Enable The Wiper Service Mode.

First, you need to access the main menu on the screen. Navigate to the Service Section of the menu. Next, enable the toggle for “Wiper Service Mode.” Enabling this mode will raise the wipers so you can access them easily while installing the replacement parts. 

You can also lift the wiper arm away from the windshield at this point. This will make it easier to manipulate the wipers. However, it is important not to tilt the wipers beyond its intended position. 

2. Place a soft cloth between the wiper blade and the windshield.

Placing a towel between the windshield and the wiper blade protects the windshield in case of any mishap. A soft microfiber cloth is recommended, but a soft towel also gets the job done too. When you remove the rubber component from the wipers, the metallic parts pose a threat to the bare windshield. So this cloth acts as a barrier against scratches in any case the wipers shift their position.

Windshields replacements are by no means cheap. So protecting it from scratches and any physical damage is paramount. It can save you a lot of dollars and a headache. 

3. Remove the old/factory wiper blade and install the new one.

You can now proceed to remove the factory/old wiper blade. To do so, you need to locate the square button and the external clip on the wiper blade. Using light pressure, push on the button and clip simultaneously. As you press down, you want to slide the wiper blade outwards along the arm. 

In Tesla Model S, pressing on the locking tab and sliding it gently will remove the old blade. 

Now, the new wiper blade are ready to be installed. Hold the wiper blades arm with one hand and use the other to align the new blades on the wiper. Gently slide it over the hooked end of the wiper arm until it locks firmly in place. You might need to push down on the external clip of the wiper arm at some point. 

After it locks into place, make sure that it is firmly in place. Try pulling it outwards with gentle pressure and verify its firm position. Now you are ready to put the wiper blades into its default position next to the windshield. 

Remove the wiper blades on the other side as well and install the new ones. 

4. Remove the protective cloth from the windshield.

After you are confident that the new wiper blades are firmly in place, remove the microfiber cloth. 

5. Disable Wiper Service Mode.

Proceed to disable the “Wiper Service Mode” by accessing the on-screen menu of the car. This will lower the wipers to their default position.


wiper blades on windshield

How often should wiper blades be replaced on the Model S?

The recommended frequency of changing the wiper blades on the Tesla Model S is once a year. This is important to keep the wiper blades working in optimum condition. 

However, the frequency of changing the wiper blades will depend on two important factors:

  • One, how often you use the car and the wiper blades on them.
  • Two, the climatic conditions where you live. If the weather conditions where you live border on extreme cold or heat, the wipers will have a shorter lifespan. So you might even need to replace them every six months or so. 

How to know when the wiper blades need to be replaced?

Wipers blades that are way past their prime are easily identifiable by a number of features:

  • There is a visible gap in the wiper blades. In addition, when you activate the wipers, some areas on the windshield are streaky. 
  • The windshield of your car is almost always blurry, despite the wipers working constantly. 
  • No proper contact between the wiper blades and the windshield. 
  • There is an unusual or squeaking sound every time the wipers are on. 
  • Visible damages on the wipers, including bent frames and fraying rubber components. 

Can standard wiper blades be used on a Tesla?

Yes. Standard or generic wiper blades can be installed on a Tesla. However, you need to know the correct size of the wipers blades first. Besides, checking the compatibility of the wiper blades with your car is also helpful. 

In this regard, all the wiper blades on our list are compatible with Tesla Model S. 

Tesla Model S wiper blades size

The size of the wiper blades in Tesla Model S is as follows:

  • Driver’s side – 28 inches 
  • Passenger side – 17 inches. 


Wiper blades on a car are more than a practical accessory. It adds an element of safety, especially when the weather conditions are not ideal. Tesla Model S is no different.

However, installing genuine replacement wiper blades on your Tesla Model S is crucial. It is because generic ones can damage the windshield which is among the most expensive and troublesome to replace. Moreover, substandard wiper blades can also tamper with the wiper technology.

So look out for genuine Tesla Model S wiper blades like the ones on our list. 

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