Tesla Model Y Hitch Cover Removal Tool & How-to

The removal of the Tesla Model Y tow hitch cover is a more difficult task than it should be. The cover does enhance the car’s aesthetic appeal, but Tesla has gone a little overboard when ensuring the cover stays in place.

There are many clips to work your way through, which can lead to frustration when trying to remove them. What’s more, bashing away at the cover with the wrong prying tools can lead to scratches, marks, and edges around the cover.

Fortunately, LivingTesla designed a prying tool explicitly made to remove this trim piece and access the Model Y towing hitch. Let’s take a look at this crucial tool for Model Y owners:

LivingTesla Tesla Model Y Hitch Cover Removal Tool

Product Overview

  • Pair of 3D-printed hitch removal pry tool specifically made for the Model Y hitch cover
  • Necessary for removing the hitch cover without damage and in a fast manner
  • 3D printed design emphasizes internal structure strength while minimizing waste
  • Made in the USA

There are many simple prying tools available that can help you to remove your Model Y’s hitch cover. The problem with these tools is that they’re generic and don’t have the appropriate thickness and shape needed for the task. They’re not explicitly built to remove the Model Y’s cover, which means you’ll have to spend a lot of time, and possibly several tools, prying it off.

LivingTesla’s tool is custom-made for the Model Y to make this process much faster and without any chance of damaging the bodywork of your vehicle. 3D printed in California using strong plastic, this tool features a unique design that allows you to secure your fingers while prying.

how to remove model y hitch cover
Using the tow hitch removal tool

The prying portion of the device is cleverly designed to effectively remove the Model Y’s hitch cover clips. This means you don’t have to spend a long time jiggling a tool around until you’re finally able to release a clip. These tools slot in place and quickly unclip the cover for easy access.

As mentioned, you receive two tools as part of the package. You will use both simultaneously to unclip the cover’s main clips for easier removal.

The product is also environmentally friendly, as LivingTesla offsets the energy required for its 3D printers with Tesla Solar and Powerwalls.

How to remove the Tesla Model Y Hitch Cover:

With LivingTesla’s tool in hand, follow these steps to remove the tow hitch cover on your Model Y:

  1. Insert both tools at the top of the cover: With a tool in each hand, insert the tools into the small gap at the top of the hitch cover. Aim for the center and you should locate the two main clips that hold the cover in place.
  2. Work your way around the cover: Use the tools to carefully pry the clips of the hitch cover open. Work your way around the entire upper edge of the cover to remove all of the clips. There should be six in total.
  3. Remove the cover: With the clips unclipped, hold the sides of the hitch cover and push down slightly. This downward pressure allows you to ease the cover away from the car.
  4. Re-install the cover: Replacing the cover is a lot simpler than removing it. Slot it back into place and the clips should secure themselves automatically once they’re in the correct position.

Step-by-step video guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed to remove the hitch cover?

If you have LivingTesla’s removal tool, you won’t need any additional tools to remove the Model Y’s hitch cover.

If you don’t have the special removal tool, you will likely need a combination of different prying tools to try and pull the cover away. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the Model Y’s hitch cover by hand alone.

Is a Tow Hitch Standard on the Model Y?

No, it is not a standard feature on the Model Y. If you want a tow hitch, you will need to order the Tesla Model Y Tow Package

model y with tow hitch package
Tesla Model Y with tow hitch

This package includes the following:

  • A steel tow bar with a 2-inch hitch receiver.
  • A trailer harness.
  • A software package that you can use to activate the Model Y’s tow mode when the hitch is in use. This software constantly monitors whatever you connect to the hitch for sway and other issues.

Unfortunately, ball mounts are not included in the package. However, it’s likely that you won’t need them for most trailers.

What Is the Towing Capacity of the Model Y?

The Model Y’s tow hitch has a maximum capacity of 3500lbs. This means it’s more than suitable for the majority of standard car trailers. However, you will need to pay attention to this limit if you intend to load heavy objects into the trailer.

This weight limit also applies to all wheel drive configurations. Previously, Model Ys with 20-inch wheels were limited to a 2300lb limit. However, Tesla has since resolved this issue.

What Kind of Tow Hitch Does the Model Y Feature?

The Model Y towing hitch features a 2-inch hitch receiver. This is the most common type of receiver, which means most trailers should connect easily to the Model Y.

The receiver also has a 7-pin connector that is considered the standard in North America.

Closing thoughts

Having a towing hitch in your Model Y adds a lot of practicality. Being able to tow small trailers or bolt a hitch tow bike rack to your Tesla makes it excellent for long adventurous trips.

To make using your tow hitch much more practical, a tow hitch cover removal tool is recommended. Without it, you may scratch the plastic trim around it or even worse, break the plastic clips of the cover.

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