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Tesla Model X Sunshade for Windshield & Glass Roof

The Tesla Model X boasts a massive windshield that provides excellent visibility while driving and helps keep every corner of the cabin illuminated. Tesla’s efforts at making the Model X feel spacious did not end on the windshield: the top part of the rear doors is made of glass and this lets additional light into the car.

Unfortunately, more light also means more heat. On a sunny day, the vehicle’s AC can struggle to keep the entire car cool. More light coming in also means more solar radiation, something we want to avoid when driving for prolonged periods, like a daily commute or a long road trip.

Fortunately, you can get one of the many Model X Roof and Windshield Sunshades. Here are a few of the offerings:

Tesla Model X Sunshades – Top Picks

BMZX Model X Sunroof Windshield Shade

BMZX Model X Sunroof Shade

Sunshade Kit for Tesla Model X

Model X Sunshade Kit (9 pcs)

Tesla Model X Custom Fit Windshield Sunshade

Model X Custom Windshield Sunshade

We will take a look at some of the best sunshade offerings available for the Tesla Model X. With the considerable amount of glass that the Model X boasts, there are various alternatives to suffice everyone’s needs.

Tesla Model X Sunshades – For Panoramic Glass Roof and Windshield

tesla model x panoramic roof sunshade

Whether you are looking for a windshield sunshade to use when your vehicle is parked or are looking for a mesh to protect your occupants from the sun, there is an accessory for it.

Let’s begin with the Front Upper Windshield Sunshade by BMZX:

BMZX Sunroof Shade for Tesla Model X

BMZX Model X Sunroof Windshield Shade
BMZX Model X Sunroof Shade

Quick Overview

  • Covers the section of the window right above the front seats
  • Easy installation and removal
  • No suction cups or adhesives needed for installation
  • A must-have accessory in the summer

The BMZX Windshield Sunshade for the Model X offers sunlight protection to the front seat occupants by covering roughly half of the windshield, directly above the driver and passenger seats.

Model X’s windshield already has some degree of tint and UV protection built into it, but this is not nearly enough if you live in a sunny climate or just generally want to take care of your skin.

Installation and removal are straightforward and takes just a few seconds. The mesh folds away quickly, without any suction cups or adhesives.

We consider this a must-have accessory for any Tesla Model X owner. During the summer it keeps the interior temperature considerably lower. Most importantly, it minimizes UV radiation entering through the upper part of the windshield, acting as yet another layer of protection for your skin.

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Premis Magnet Model X Sunshade Kit (9 pcs)

Sunshade Kit for Tesla Model X
Premis Magnet Sunshade Kit for Tesla Model X

Quick Overview

  • 9-piece sunshade kit
  • Includes sunshade meshes for virtually every window of the vehicle
  • “Sunroof” mesh not included

The Premis Sunshade set for the Model X includes a mesh for every single window of your vehicle. These can be attached and removed easily depending on which parts of the SUV you want to cover from direct sunlight.

This sunshade set has 9 pieces in total:

  • Front window (left & right)
  • Second-row window (left & right)
  • Skylight (left & right)
  • Rear triangle window (left & right)
  • Rear-facing window

When used throughout the entire vehicle, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the cabin temperature. Your AC won’t have to work as hard, and therefore, the vehicle’s range will lightly increase.

But perhaps the most important advantage of having sunshades on every window is protection against UV radiation. Automotive glass in general already filters out some of the harmful radiation coming from the sun, but your skin will thank you for having a dense mesh specially designed to protect the skin from UV rays on your windows.

Tesla Model X Windshield Sunshade

Tesla Model X Custom Fit Windshield Sunshade
Tesla Model X Custom Fit Windshield Sunshade

Quick Overview

  • Windshield Sunshade
  • To be used when the car is parked
  • Custom-fit for the Model X

This is an excellent product if you’re looking for a windshield sunshade to use while your vehicle is parked in the sun. It covers the lower section of the windshield up to where the sun visors come across. It doesn’t cover the upper part of the windshield, but the one that comes built-in with the windshield can be used in that section of the glass.

Overall, if you’re having trouble finding a sunshade that is large enough to cover the lower section of the Model X windshield, this is the perfect addition to your vehicle. On sunny days it will keep the vehicle’s temperature significantly lower for a more comfortable cabin.

Topfit Rear Liftgate Glass Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model X

Topfit Rear Liftgate Mesh Sunshade for Tesla Model X
Topfit Rear Liftgate Mesh Sunshade for Tesla Model X

Quick Overview

  • Rear liftgate window sunshade
  • Visibility is not impeded
  • Reduces the amount of light coming in through the rear liftgate glass

Light entering the cabin through the rear liftgate is not going to hit the vehicle’s occupants in the vast majority of occasions, much less if there are only passengers on the front two seats of the SUV.

However, the rear glass of the Model X is very sizable, and on a sunny day, light passing through it can considerably raise the vehicle’s interior temperature. You might not feel it directly, but sunlight hitting the entire back of the car will make your AC work substantially harder, and this will impact your EV’s range directly.

Car Falcon Model X Door Window Sunshades (Set of 2)

Car Falcon Wing Roof Window Sunshades
Car Falcon Model X Door Window Sunshades

Quick Overview

  • To be used on the second-row door windows
  • Made with premium fabric
  • Helps reduce heat by lowering the amount of light entering the second row

The “Falcon Doors” of the Model X are as cool as their name suggests. They feature a small window on top, a welcome addition that brings in additional sunlight and provides visibility for the passengers.

If you want to minimize the amount of sunlight exposure your rear passengers are getting on long trips, installing a mesh sunshade on the upper glass of the door is a great way to achieve that.

Model X Sunshade Installation

The installation process for the Model X Sunshade will depend on which product you end up opting for. A windshield sunshade is going to be installed differently than a rear glass windshield. However, they’re all built similarly, and fitting them to your vehicle should be straightforward.

Model X Front Upper Windshield (Sunroof) Sunshade Installation

Made from a mesh fabric around a semi-rigid collapsible metallic frame, Front Upper Windshield Sunshades like the BMZX Windshield sunshade are installed in a few steps:

  • Fully extend the sunshade on a flat surface
  • Check that the mounting clips are securely attached (if included)
  • Insert the edge of the sunshade into the gap between the glass and the headliner
  • Adjust the front of the sunshade around the rearview mirror
  • Finish inserting all the edges of the sunshade into the trim pieces

Model X Windshield Sunshade (for when parked)

The Lower Windshield Sunshade reflects solar radiation when your car is parked. This accessory will have to be removed more frequently as it can’t be used while driving. The steps to install this accessory are the following:

  • Remove the sunshade from its storage pouch
  • Unfold completely and place on top of the front dashboard
  • Cover your windshield completely with the sunshade
  • Secure with both of the front sun visors.

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Some final thoughts

The Model X’s panoramic windshield is breathtaking. It features the largest windshield of any SUV in production. It provides the driver and passengers an unprecedented amount of visibility and keeps the interior illuminated throughout.

However, that fantastic windshield does have its drawbacks: more sunlight entering the vehicle means increased cabin temperature and an increased amount of harmful UV rays hitting your skin.

Sunshades are great for reducing cabin heat and acting as yet another layer of protection against UV radiation coming from the sun. If you usually drive by yourself or with just another passenger, the BMZX Sunroof Shade is a great addition to your Model X, especially if you live in a sunny climate.

Know of any other Tesla Model X Sunshade alternatives? Let us know below! Happy driving.

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