tesla model 3 y door handle wrap

Tesla Model 3 & Y Door Handle Wrap Kits

A subtle exterior modification for the Tesla Model 3 & Y is installing a set of vinyl door handle wrap trims. They do not only help give a bit of personal touch to your car but also protects the chrome trim of the door handles.

There is a variety of colors available, from white to matte black, and also the most common factory colors for users looking to color-match the door handles with the rest of the exterior. If you prefer the chrome finish and want to protect the door handle from scratches, there are also clear door handle wraps.

Let’s take a look at some of the best door handle wrap kits available in the market:

Tesla Model 3 & Y Door Handle Vinyl Wraps – Top Picks

Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit

Nikola Pro Model 3 / Y Door Handle Wrap

Tesla Model 3 & Y Matte Door Handle Wrap

Custom Cut Graphics Door Handle Wrap

Door Handle Wrap for Tesla Model 3

EV Wraps Door Handle Wrap

There is a large variety of choices in the market, each with their own pros & cons. How do you find the best door handle wrap for Tesla Model 3 & Y? We have handpicked three of the best door handle wrap kits available and reviewed their pros and cons:

Door Handle Wrap Cover for the Tesla Model 3 & Y

Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit


  • Weather rated vinyl
  • Excellent fit
  • Effortless to install
  • Multiple color options available
  • 3M 1080 wrap


  • Some colors may have slight variations with the car paint.

As the name suggests, this door handle wrap kit from Nikola Pro is exclusively for Tesla Model 3 & Y. So what’s great about this wrap kit? Take a look at its features.

The Nikola Pro wrap kit consists of four vinyl wraps. Each wrap is a 3M 1080 car wrap vinyl, which is exceptional in quality and durability. The vinyl is also weather-rated, which means that it can withstand heat, cold, sunlight, and humidity. In addition, the fit of the door handle wrap is fantastic as it is custom cut with precision.

You will also love the color options of this door handle wrap kit. It comes in nine different colors for almost every Tesla Model 3 & Y. Here is every color variation:

  • Matte Black
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Pearl White
  • Gloss Blue
  • Gloss Gold
  • Gloss Green
  • Gloss Pink
  • Gloss Teal
  • Red Multi-coat

If you’re wondering whether the installation of the wrap is easy or not, is it a relatively simple installation even if you have no experience installing automotive wraps. Installing each wrap should take about 5 minutes. Moreover, the included instructions makes it a breeze to install if you’re not sure how to begin the installation process. For detailed instructions, check our installation guide below.

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Custom Cut Graphics Tesla Model 3 / Y Door Handle Wrap


  • Premium waterproof and UV resistant vinyl
  • Comes with four wraps and two alcohol wipes
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Great color match
  • 3M 2080 war[


  • Some units have durability issues.

The Custom Cut graphics handle wrap is another great choice for owners looking to give their Model 3/Y door handles a new look. The 3M 2080 series vinyl wrap is the crème de la crème in automobile wrapping. This material ensures a long-lasting color tone and an awesome vibrant look resistant to fading. The material of the wraps is also UV resistant and waterproof, which further adds to its durability

In addition to its premium looks, the wraps are custom-cut for the Tesla Models 3 and Y door handles for a precise fit. When it comes to colors, this wrap kit is available in 22 different colors, which is an impressive selection that covers most of the colors available.

Along with the door wrap handles, the addition of instructions and a pair of alcohol wipes in the package is a nice touch.

EV Wraps Door Handle Wrap for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y


  • Great quality vinyl
  • Comes in 12 different colors
  • Easy to install
  • Four cleaning wipes included in the package


  • Slight color variations with the Tesla paint.

This door handle wrap set from EV wraps is made with 3M Series 2080 vinyl. This wrap kit comes with two wraps for the driver side and two for the passenger, for complete coverage of all door handles. It also includes four cleaning wipes, which is great for the installation process.

The EV wraps come in a selection of 12 colors, which is less than other wrap sets but enough to cover the most common colors of the Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y. EV Wraps also offers a completely clear wrap that acts as a protective layer. However, the color matches with the paint can be slightly off. The slight color difference may not be a deal-breaker for most users, as it is only noticeable in certain lighting conditions.

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Model 3 & Model Y Door Handle Wrap Installation

The Tesla door handle wraps are easy to install even for someone with no previous experience. It does not require a lot of effort or special tools to do so, you’ll just need a little patience. In this section, we breakdown the installation steps for a door handle wrap.

Things you will need:

  • A set of door handle wraps.
  • Cleaning wipes – most wrap kits come with cleaning wipes. If it doesn’t, use wet cleaning wipes with a soft detergent.
  • Squeegee or credit card.

How to install the door handle wrap:

  1. Give the door handles a thorough wipe with the cleaning wipes. This gets rid of any debris and grease on the handles.
  2. Next, peel the backing paper from the wrap. To make it easier, start with the side where you push the handle.
  3. Using the groove as a guideline, line up the wrap along the bottom left corner of the handle. You should ensure that the right part of the handle and the wrap aligns perfectly.
  4. Next, you want to push the vinyl onto the handle using gentle pressure with your fingers. This anchors the vinyl to the handle, which means you can work on the edges.
  5. Use the squeegee to gently push and probe around the edges of the wrap and tuck them in. you can now remove the remaining backing paper from the wrap.
  6. At this point, you want to hold the handle with one hand. Use your dominant hand to work with the vinyl towards the front of the handle.
  7. Working in the vinyl on the bottom of the handle can seem tricky. However, it is quite doable. Using gentle pressure, tuck in the vinyl at the bottom of the handle.
  8. You want to look for two micro-cuts in the vinyl wrap towards the corner. You need to press this down with the right alignment with the edges of the door handle.
  9. Next, fold the top edge of the wrap around the top part of the door handle. Gently push the edges, so it covers the handle nice and smooth.
  10. The last part of the vinyl should be the flap with the micro-cut on the extreme end of the handle with the curves.

Pro tip: If you want a flawless fit with no bubbling, use a hairdryer or a heat gun in a low setting to run along with the handle.


tesla model 3 exterior door handle

Why install a door handle wrap?

There are several reasons why you’d want door handle wraps in your Tesla. The most obvious advantage is the cosmetic appeal, although an often overlooked benefit is the added protection in this high-wear part of the vehicle. Here are some of the most important advantages of wrapping the door handles:


Protecting the car door handle is among the top reason why you need to install a wrap. It keeps scratches, decoloration and dents at bay. In addition, it also keeps the handle free of fingerprints.

Moreover, the door handle wraps protect it from the natural elements. Most car door handle wraps consist of vinyl, which are UV, heat, and cold resistant.


Apart from the protection, door handle wraps can improve the Tesla’s overall appearance and give it a bit of personal touch. Granted, the door handle is a small component that is not as noticeable as other big components, such as the wheels or a spoiler. However, car enthusiasts and those who are proud of their cars will know that every small detail can make all the difference.

Resale value:

Although not apparent at first, a door handle wrap can increase your Model 3 or Model Y resale value. By protecting the easily scratchable chrome door handles, your vehicle will look spotless around the doors and the door handle area for longer.

How difficult is it to install a door handle wrap?

Installing a door handle wrap is an easy process. Even if you don’t have any prior experience of installing one, you can do so in under five minutes.

Not confident about installing it on your own? Check out the installation steps, such as the one in this post. If you are still having trouble with the written instructions, here is a video with detailed step-by-step installation instructions.

Can the door handle wrap be removed?

Absolutely! Installing a door handle wrap on a car is straightforward, and so is removing it. This is fantastic as you can return to the factory look of the handle anytime you want. In addition, you can also change the existing wrap if you want to update the car’s aesthetics and so on.

To remove the door handle wrap, you need to run a heat gun on a low setting along with the handle. Alternatively, you can also use a hairdryer. After applying the heat for a minute or so, allow it to cool for a few seconds.

Then use tweezers or your fingers to peel off the wrap very gently. You just need to be a little careful while peeling off the wrap. Some adhesive residue might remain after removing the wrap. A clean removal also leaves a smooth canvas for the new wrap that will take its place.

What is the durability of the door handle wrap?

Car door handle wraps generally have a life span of about seven years. However, the durability of the wrap depends a lot on how well the installation was carried out. Moreover, the durability of the door handle wrap will depend on the material of construction. You want to look for door handle wraps that are made of premium vinyl.

What is the handle wrap material?

Most car door handle wraps are made of premium automotive vinyl. This may be 3M 1080 or 3M 2080 vinyl. These premium and high-quality materials are used for wrapping in the automotive industry.

The 3M vinyl wraps are extremely durable and weather-rated. In addition, these types of vinyl are excellent at withstanding UV rays, heat, and humidity, and cold. They’re often used for full-car wraps so wrapping the door handles of your Model 3 or Model Y with it is an excellent use.

Final thoughts.

As you might have gathered by now, car door handle wraps are not just a decorative accessory. It wards off the harsh elements and maintains the longevity of the vehicle’s door handles.

All of the car doors handles on our list are a favorite. However, if we had to pick one, it would be the Nikola Pro Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit. The combination of premium 3M 1080 vinyl and custom cut precision is just too good to pass up. In addition, the color selection is also impressive. And of course, it is also made exclusively for Tesla Model 3 and Y, which makes it an ideal choice.

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