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Best Tesla Model 3 / Y Trunk & Frunk Organizers

The Tesla Model 3 and Y are practical EV’s with significant storage space. Unlike traditional cars, Teslas feature both a front trunk and a traditional rear trunk with more than enough space for the needs of most users. To take full advantage of cargo space, they need to be organized efficiently, and that’s when trunk organizers come into play.

Rummaging through your items in the trunk after returning from a trip or shopping can be irritating, and sometimes we’d wish the trunk had a built-in organizer to let us sort our items. Trunk Organizers for the Model 3/Y will help you keep storage areas tidy and objects secured.

Here are some of the best Model 3 / Y Trunk Organizers:

Tesla Model 3 / Y Trunk & Frunk Organizers – Top Picks

Tesla Model 3 / Y Sub Trunk Organizer

Model 3 / Y Sub Trunk Organizer

Model 3 Model Y Trunk Storage Organizer

Model 3 / Y Trunk Storage Organizer

Rear Trunk Organizer Accessory for Model 3

Model 3 Rear Trunk Organizer

Getting the right organizer for your trunk is not straightforward due to the barrage of choices on the market. We have carefully selected some of the best Tesla Model 3/Y trunk organizers. Take your pick of the trunk organizers from our reviews below! Let’s start:

Trunk Organizers for the Model 3 & Model Y

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 / Y Sub Trunk Organizer.


  • Sturdy material with reinforced sidewalls
  • Features moveable dividers
  • Has a collapsible design
  • Easy to clean


  • The velcro on the movable dividers is not very strong.

This custom design trunk organizer is for the sub-trunk area of the Tesla Model 3 and Y. This organizer is made with 600-denier polyester, and features a robust structure due to the reinforcing base plates and sidewalls.

In terms of storage capacity, this organizer has three pockets. Two movable dividers in the organizer make it effortless to adjust the size of the pockets. The organizer also has side handles, which makes it easy to move about. It fits snugly into the sub trunk of Tesla Model 3 and Y. Some trunk organizers come with a clumsy fit, which can make it look very untidy.

If you’re wondering about cleaning, the synthetic fabric makes it very easy to clean. This trunk organizer is also collapsible, so it does not take up any space when it is not in use. The collapsible feature also makes the organizer effortless to transport.

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BougeRV Model 3 Model Y Trunk Storage Organizer


  • Strong construction with rigid sidewalls
  • Comes with multiple storage pockets
  • Has a detachable cover
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch material
  • Rugged carrying handle


  • Dividers tend to move around

If you are looking for a trunk organizer for your Model 3 or Model Y, this trunk storage bag features a practical design and includes a cooler bag. The organizer is made of durable premium PP, which makes it quite resistant to daily wear and tear. In addition, the reinforced base plates add shape and rigidity to the organizer. The sidewalls on this organizer are also of decent quality, which adds to its sturdiness.

When it comes to storage options, this organizer is very well-equipped. It has three main compartments. You can use the two dividers to customize the compartments. In addition, there are multiple mesh pockets and multi-function pockets on the sides.

A unique feature of this trunk organizer is the velcro at the bottom. The velcro, in combination with the straps and net, keeps the organizer firmly in place. The carrying handles on the organizer’s side make it easy to carry too. You will also love the detachable cover on this organizer. As expected, the organizer is collapsible for easy carrying when empty.

Motrobe Rear Trunk Organizer for Tesla Model 3


  • Good quality construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great match for OEM liner
  • Easy to install


  • The velcro strips are a bit weak
  • Not suitable for Tesla Model Y trunk

The Motrobe trunk organizer is exclusively for the rear trunk compartment of the Tesla Model 3. The material and the color of this organizer are a great match for the OEM liner, which makes it a great accessory for owners wanting to give their Model 3 new utility without compromising factory looks.

Installing this trunk organizer is also a breeze. The addition of velcro strips on the side of the organizer facilitates the installation. Unlike some trunk organizers that are specific even for Tesla Models, this one will fit in the trunk of all Tesla Model 3 irrespective of the year of manufacture.

Tesla Model 3 Frunk Organizer – Bag Hooks for Front Trunk


  • Durable ABS material
  • Good quality with smooth edges
  • Blends in perfectly with the car


  • Plastic construction instead of metal

Unlike the other organizers on our list, this one is a hook bag holder for the front trunk. The package includes two plastic hooks made of high-quality ABS plastic. Its custom design makes it a great fit for the front trunk of the Tesla Model 3. The matte texture also helps the hooks blend in seamlessly with the trunk.

The storage hooks are very easy to install. Moreover, the addition of an auxiliary installation tool that comes in the box makes it even easier. To use the hooks, press it with your thumb, and it will pop up. Hang your shopping bags, grocery bags, and other items here, so you don’t have to rummage through the trunk for lost items. Since bags or other of your items will be hanging on the hooks, you also get additional free space in the front trunk, an added bonus.

Note: The front trunk hooks are not compatible with Tesla Model 3’s produced after August 2020.

Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer, Black


  • Multiple storage options
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Comes with straps and movable dividers
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Easy to store and transport


  • Extra pockets on the side are quite unnecessary
  • Fitting is not exact due to being a universal product

If you don’t mind the perfect fit issue but require a lot of storage, you can’t go wrong with this organizer. It has numerous pockets in the main compartment. In addition to the pockets, the buckles and handles make it very easy to transport and handle.

When it comes to construction, it is also excellent. The polyester fabric adds strength and durability. Moreover, the reinforced stitching on different areas and rigid base plates add reliability. The fabric is abrasion resistant and waterproof, which also makes it easy to clean.

Using the multiple sub-dividers, you can customize the organizer and make it truly your own. You will also appreciate that this organizer is collapsible. This means you can transport and store it without any hassle. Its lightweight property also comes in handy while storing and transporting. You will also appreciate the addition of straps since the organizer can hold quite a lot of items.

This trunk organizer comes in multiple colors, which is another great feature. The only minor issue you might have is the fit. Since it is a generic trunk organizer, it will not have a precision fit. Nevertheless, you can use for the Tesla Model 3 and Y.

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Additional considerations when looking for Trunk & Frunk Organizers

In addition to picking the best trunk organizer for your Tesla Model 3 and Y, there are some considerations while picking one.  So before you go looking for a trunk organizer for a Tesla Model 3 and Y, here are some non-negotiable factors.

What is the Tesla Model 3 / Y sub trunk?

The sub trunk of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is a storage compartment under the main trunk. It is typically where the spare tire is located. This is also where you would normally store the trunk organizer.

When you decide to purchase a trunk organizer for your Tesla, considering the size of the trunk is very important. In addition, you also want to check the compatibility of the organizer in your car. Most of the trunk organizers for the Tesla cars are very specific. So read the organizer’s description to know if it fits into the car’s trunk.

Model 3 and Model Y trunk space

tesla model 3 trunk

The Tesla Model 3 and Y are built on the same platform. This means that both vehicles have a lot of similarities in terms of size and drivetrain components. However, due to the Model Y SUV-like shape, it features more space in the trunk due to the higher height of the cabin.

When you fold down the rear seats completely, Model Y has a trunk space of 68 cubic feet. On the other hand, the Model 3 has about 43 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The difference in the size of the trunk boils down to the fact that the Model Y is a crossover compact SUV and that the Model 3 is a sedan with a lower roofline.

Final thoughts

Trunk organizers are a fantastic way to keep all your essentials in one place. This can be a great advantage when you plan a long-distance drive, road trip, a picnic, or a shopping trip.

This makes the trunk organizers reliable and long lasting. In addition, the materials also come with waterproof and abrasion-resistant features, just like the ones on our list. Speaking of our list of Tesla Model 3 and Y organizers, we love all the organizers on our list.

The BASENOR Model 3 Model Y Sub Trunk Organizer is our favorite product on the list. Its no-nonsense design, coupled with exceptional quality, makes it a winner in our books. In addition, the custom design makes it fit into the Tesla Model 3 and Y perfectly with no

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