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Tesla Model X Accessories – Top 9 in 2020

The Model X is a head-turner and a fantastic feat of EV engineering. Tesla is known to include lots of features in its vehicles for added practicality. However, there is always the opportunity to make your driving experience better with a few accessories that can add utility, customize your vehicle to your liking, and improve your ownership experience.

Let’s take a quick look at the best Tesla Model X Accessories. We consider some of these as must-haves, but we encourage you to take a look and decide which one would be the best addition for your vehicle.

Model X Accessories – Top Picks

3d Maxpider All-Weather Floor Mats

3D MAXpider Floor Mats

Wireless Charging Mat for Model X

Wireless Charging Mat

Tesla Model X Touch Screen Protector

Tempered Touch Screen Protector

Interior & Exterior Accessories for the Model X

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model X

Quick Overview

  • Excellent year-round floormats
  • Blends in with the Model X interior
  • XPE foaming layer and thermoplastic surface helps reduce interior noise

Strong build

These all-weather mats can be a great addition to your Tesla Model X due to their quality construction. The texture is carbon fiber, which adds elegance and style to the car. Its inner foam layer deadens the sound that makes for a quieter ride and makes for a fantastic cushion to rest one’s feet on. The bottom layer of the mat is anti-skid, which keeps it in place without damaging the original carpet.

All-weather Protection

The mat is built to withstand various elements so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the floor damaged, especially in the rain. The surface is waterproof that repels dirt, water, and other spills and messes. Its curved edges also ensure that liquids are trapped and contained. The raised edges are incredibly useful as it makes spills easy to clean.

Hassle-free cleaning

If the mat gets dirty due to dirt, snow, or grease, it can easily be cleaned and replaced. Just use a wet towel to wipe it with or soak it with a hose and let it dry. The material is environmentally friendly and odorless. Its design is measured to exactly fit the cabin contours of the Tesla Model X and provide full coverage to the car’s interiors.

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TapTes Qi Wireless Charging Mat

Quick Overview

  • Qi Wireless charging for enabled smartphones
  • 10W fast charging supported
  • Integrated storage
  • Phone charger for backup wired charging

Qi Wireless Charging

The TapTes Wireless Charger Insert supports both iPhone and Android smartphones with Qi Charging. When a supported smartphone is placed on the mat, the charger will start charging automatically. No need to deal with cables or connectors; just put the phone on the mat and let technology do its job. When the charging is completed the wireless charger will automatically stop charging the phone.

Integrated Storage

It is straightforward to install and remove in case you need to clean it. The accessory allows you to organize the center console with the distinct storage areas. This accessory enables you to simultaneously charge two phones, one wirelessly on the charging pad and another with a regular charging cable.

USB Port

An integrated USB cable allows users to charge a smartphone for added versatility or if you want a to charger a device without support for Qi Wireless charging.

Overall, the TapTes Qi Wireless Charger is an excellent addition to your Tesla and one of the best Model X Accessories for users who own a smartphone with wireless charging support.

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Topfit Tempered Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model X

Quick Overview

  • Perfect fit for Model X/S 17″ touchscreen
  • Scratch and shock-resistant
  • Premium-grade tempered glass
  • Bubble free installation
  • Leaves no residue when removed

Complete Protection

This glass touch screen protector will help you keep the massive touchscreen of the Model X in pristine condition. It is scratch and shock-resistant so you won’t have to worry about scratches even after heavy use. It also resists oil and fingerprints, thereby ensuring that the screen remains visible even after use.

The touch screen protector might become yellowish due to sun exposure, or also might start showing scratches after several years. The good news is that your glass screen remained intact without scratches. Nothing more satisfying than removing a screen protector to reveal a flawless screen underneath.

Installation kit included

The tempered glass has a 9H hardness surface and can be installed within minutes. The package itself includes a dust cloth and glass cleaner kit to clean the screen before installation. Place the protector onto the screen, get the bubbles out with a squeegee or a credit card, and you’re good to go.

Tesla Model X Mud Flaps Splash Guards

Quick Overview

  • Custom-fit for the Tesla Model X.
  • Protects the lower portion of the vehicle from mud, debris, road salt, and rocks.
  • Easy installation.
  • Made of strong ABS thermoplastic.

Paint and undercarriage protection

Driving causes debris and little rocks that are in the road to be flung up by the tires, some of these will strike your vehicle with a considerable amount of force. Over time, little imperfections on your vehicle’s coating can happen and this can lead to paint peeling or even rust if you drive in salted roads frequently. A Tesla Model X accessory to help you protect it from road debris are Mud Flaps. These help protect the lower side of the vehicle from any road debris but also help keep it clean from rain and now.

Durable Material

The splash guards are constructed from top-quality polyethylene that is quite sturdy and durable. It is this strength that allows them to protect the car even in harsh environments and weather conditions.

Installation process

These mudguards are designed especially for Tesla Model X and can be installed in a short amount of time. They are pre-drilled and include all the necessary materials that are needed for installation. All you need to install them is some free time and patience.

TOUGHPRO Trunk Mat for Tesla Model X (6 or 7 Seater)

Quick Overview

  • Computerized cut for excellent fit
  • Excellent interior protection
  • Interlocking hexagon pattern looks in dust, water, and mud

Design and Fit

This product by ToughPro is cut with 3D scan patterns that ensure that it fits like a glove in the trunk of your Tesla Model X. The trunk mat has hexagonal grooves and ridges that trap moisture and prevent spillage. This allows it to adapt to any terrain, ensuring that you can travel throughout uneven terrain without any worrying about spills.


The mat is made with a unique blend of rubber material that is temperature resistant and has a quality that far exceeds what one generally finds in trunk mats. The nibs at the bottom ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t slide. It is also much thicker than your run-of-the-mill mats.

Easy to clean

The mats do not require frequent cleaning. However, when the need arises, they can be easily removed and cleaned with a wet cloth or by hosing it down and letting it dry. The trunk mats can also be easily cleaned with a vacuum on it as well to clear away dust and debris.

Unfortunately, this product is not available for all Model X variations. Make sure that your seating configuration is compatible with the shape and size of the trunk mats.

Ultra-Bright Easy-Plug LED Lighting Upgrade for Model X

Quick Overview

  • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Significantly brighter than OEM interior lights
  • Plug and play

LED lightning upgrade

If you are tired of the dull and lackluster lighting of the Tesla Model X, then it is time to make an upgrade with these ultra-bright interior LEDs. The lights enhance the ambiance of the car without blinding the passengers or draining out the battery. The lights have a lifetime guarantee, and one can install and forget about them for many years.

Increased Brightness

The lights are 20 times brighter than the regular Tesla interior lights and add a stylish glow wherever they are placed. With these lights, you will never have to worry about dark spots as you will experience a noticeable improvement, especially in the trunk and frunk.

Plug and play installation

The lights are designed to fit most Tesla models, including the Model X. Theirs is a unique play n play installation that hardly takes any time or effort. There is no need for any tools or blind fiddling as they come equipped with extra-long wire plug which snaps in easily.

Tesla Model X Turn Signal Carbon Fiber Cover

Quick Overview

  • Fits all Teslas with Autopilot 2 side view camera
  • Adheres directly to the camera cover.
  • Adds a subtle sporty touch to the Model X

Custom Design

This indicator cover is designed especially for Tesla Model X and is a perfect fit that decorates the exterior body of the car. It really upgrades the exterior look of the car and blends well with any color option of the SUV.

Quality Material

The cover is made from ABS plastic, which is very sturdy and much more durable than vinyl. It looks like carbon fiber, thereby keeping the premium look of the car intact.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze and is done without requiring any tools or cutting. Simply clear the area of any dust before installing it and ensure that the back of the tape paper is removed. When cleaning, press evenly with a cloth but refrain from doing before 24 hours after installation.

Topfit Silicone Key Cover for Tesla Model X

Quick Overview

  • Custom-fit for the Model X Key
  • Protects the glossy finish of the keyfob
  • Embossed button to easily the key functions

Unique fit

This key cover is fully compatible with the Tesla Model X keys. The rubber embossing on top allows you to find the different key functions quickly, making it a practical accessory to have.

Design and Protection

The cover is designed with eco-friendly material. Its silicone construction has a smooth and silky feel and doesn’t have the annoying ‘grippy’ feel that most key covers are associated with. The battery compartment is fully enclosed, and the cover itself provides complete protection, even in the rain. The cover is available in different colors, allowing you the freedom to choose according to your taste and preference.

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Topfit Charging Cable Organizer for Tesla

Quick Overview

  • Simple installation
  • Keeps your charger plug and cable organized
  • Protects the inner connector of the plug from dust or water

Organized garage

If you’re tired of dealing with tangled cables and want a quick solution to your wiry problems, then this charging cable organizer would be quite handy. The wires can be coiled around the organizer and keep them free of dents and loops.

Durable Material

The charging organizer is very stable and durable as it is manufactured from high-quality plastic. It also secures the internal metal plug from different elements such as rain, snow, and dust.


The charging organizer is fully compatible with the Tesla Model X charger and can installed easily on the garage wall with the screws and the drywall anchors. The organizer can be plugged into the mount with ease and has a little knob at the bottom that hooks the charger in place so it doesn’t slip out.

Considerations when looking for Model X accessories

There is a wide variety of accessories for Tesla Model X available in the market. Deciding which ones to get and which ones to forego depends on a variety of factors. First and foremost, it is essential to be aware of what is available in the market and how it is beneficial to you and your car. Utility and added functionality become the priorities when considering Tesla Model X accessories.

What are the best Tesla Model X accessories?

The Tesla Model X

Accessories that allow you to keep your car in prime condition and make your life easier are some of the most utilized accessories. Convenience is another factor that is closely tied with utility. Anything that enables you to save time and effort without necessarily coming in the way of your driving experience is an excellent accessory to get. This invariably includes the time it takes to install these accessories.

Lastly, accessories that allow you to add a touch of personal style or improved looks for your Tesla Model X are highly valuable. Although the Tesla Model X is a luxurious and attractive car, it does leave room enough for you to make the SUV entirely your own with a few visual accessories. Ensure that whichever accessory you decide to get doesn’t stick out starkly and blends in well with the color and feel of the car.

Some final thoughts

These are the top 9 accessories that you can get for your Tesla Model X. We consider many of them extremely essential if you want to take your driving experience to the next level. Though all of these are optional, they do add significant value to the ownership experience of this already exceptional car.

Many of them will protect your car from weather elements and keep your vehicle in its pristine condition. Others are designed to be an upgrade over the original parts and even protect them from damage and wear that can happen in daily usage.

Most of them are designed to blend in well with the color and premium-quality of the car parts, thereby ensuring that they don’t stick out like sore thumbs. We hope we helped you to make an informed decision as to which accessories would be worth getting for your Tesla Model X, happy driving!

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